Price List for Classic Cloud Plans

This article explains the pricing structure of "classic" Matterport cloud plans and additional features for customers who signed up before May 9th, 2019. To learn how the billing works for a classic cloud plan, please click here.

For pricing information on Matterport cameras and our current cloud plans, please click here.

Subscription Pricing

Cloud hosting fees are billed at the beginning of the month and cover hosting for that month. All subscription plans are billed in advance and are non-refundable.

Subscription Tier Subscription Fee (Monthly Billing) Subscription Fee (Yearly Billing)  Included Hosting**  Free Monthly Processing Credit*** Monthly Processing Credit Value







One hosted space with no overages  Not applicable  Not applicable




Not available 

Five hosted spaces with no overages  Not applicable  Not applicable







100 spaces  Three spaces per month











200 spaces  Seven spaces per month











300 spaces 11 spaces per month 




Enterprise Accounts 

Custom plans are available for enterprise customers with high-volume processing and hosting needs. 

* Scans from Matterport Pro or Pro2, and Leica BLK360 cannot be uploaded to Free or Starter plans. With Free and Starter plans, you can upload an unlimited number of models, but you only have a finite number of hosted spaces. If you exceed the limit, you will be prompted to delete one of your spaces. Hosted means accessible in 3D models can be transferred into Free and Starter accounts but cannot be transferred out to other accounts. Learn more.

** For Basic, Professional, Business plans and Enterprise plans, this represents the amount of hosting included with your platform subscription, but you can host an unlimited number of Spaces in your account. Once you exceed the number of Spaces included in your plan, additional Spaces are automatically billed at a rate of $19/mo for every 50 Spaces over your included allowance. For Free and Starter plans, this is a hard limit. For additional hosting space, you would need to upgrade to a Basic plan.

*** Free processing credits are usable with Pro and Pro2 Cameras only. Spaces that include data from a Pro2 Lite, BLK360, and 360 cameras are billed at the Pro2 Lite processing rate, and free credits cannot be applied to these jobs. Free credits included in each Classic plan cannot be used with large models made with the Pro2. 

Processing Charges

With most of our plans, you pay a small fee for each scan uploaded into the Matterport 3D Cloud platform so that it can be processed into an immersive 3D model. The processing charge depends on the device you used to capture your 3D scan and the plan to which you subscribe.

With the Free and Starter plans (which only support 360 cameras), there are no processing fees. You have unlimited uploads but finite capacity to the account.

The Basic, Professional, and Business plans (which support all cameras) include a set of free credits for processing fees on scans done with the Pro and Pro2 cameras. Free credits cannot be used for scans with Pro2 Lite, BLK360, or 360 cameras. Beyond these free credits, processing fees for the Basic, Professional, and Business cloud plans are described below.

A scan position is defined as one '3D Scan' or one '360º View'

Test Spaces (1 to 2 scan positions)

Test spaces do not have any processing charges.

Standard Spaces (3 to 100 scan positions)

Camera Standard Space Processing Rate Eligible for Free Processing Credit?*
Pro $19 £16 18€ Yes
Pro2 $19 £16 18€
Pro2 Lite $29 £24 27€ No
Smartphone Capture $0 £0 0€ 
BLK360 $29 £24 27€
360 Cameras** $29 £24 27€

Large Spaces (101 or more scan positions)

Camera Large Space Processing Rate Eligible for Free Processing Credit?*
Pro $38 £32 36€ No
Pro2 $38 £32 36€
Pro2 Lite $58 £48 54€
Smartphone Capture $0 £0 0€
BLK360 $58 £48 54€
360 Cameras** $58 £48 54€

Spaces with 201 or more scan positions can be uploaded to the platform, but are not supported. This is because they are more likely to fail during processing.

* The amount of free processing credit depends on your Cloud Plan tier. Free processing credit is applied on a monthly basis and does not roll over from month to month. Re-uploads of previously processed Spaces are free. Any time you duplicate an already processed model in Capture (such as to add/delete scans or to add/delete markings), and then re-upload it is also free.


You can download additional assets from each Matterport Space you create. Some, such as 2D Snapshots, are completely free and unlimited. Others are offered at a small charge.

Add-on charges are billed at the beginning of each month, based on your activity in the previous month.

Product or Service Free Plan Starter Plan Basic, Professional, or Business Plans
Schematic Floor Plans n/a n/a USD $14.99 per floor plan (15€ or £13)
MatterPak™ Bundle n/a n/a USD $49 per MatterPak Bundle (44€ or £39)
Additional Hosting Blocks n/a n/a US$19/mo (18€/mo or £16/mo) for each block of 50 spaces over the hosting included in your plan.
Google Street View Publication* n/a US $19.99 per space (19€ or £17). Unlimited edits and republishes for a specific given space (SID in Matterport). US $14.99 per space (15€ or £13). Unlimited edits and republishes for a specific given space (SID in Matterport).

*Currently available on non-residential properties only, subject to Google Street View's terms of service.

Developer Tools Pricing for Private/Internal (Non Commercial) Use

Subscription Plan Annual Licensing Fee
Free * n/a
Basic Classic
  1. $150 USD
  2. £120 GBP
  3. 135€ Euro
Professional Classic
  1. $275 USD
  2. £220 GBP
  3. 250€ Euro
Business Classic
  1. $675 USD
  2. £540 GBP
  3. 600€ Euro

* Developer tool access is unavailable for Free plans

Enterprise Plans

For customers on Enterprise plans, we offer custom pricing. Please contact our sales team to discuss the details.

Partner Program

For partners developing commercial applications that use our API’s and SDK’s, please contact us at to discuss the Partner Program pricing.

Upgrade & Downgrade Your Subscription

Account Owners and Billing Contacts can visit to upgrade or downgrade their current software-as-a-service subscription.

Upgrade Behavior

Any change in subscription within the same term (monthly or yearly) where you are moving up subscription levels with higher subscription fees is considered an upgrade. For example, Monthly-Professional to Monthly-Business.

Any upgrade happens immediately on the upgrade request. This includes access to any new features.

You, the customer, are charged a prorated amount for the new subscription if monthly, or for 12 months of service if annual, AND get a credit for any subscription fees paid for that month or year in the previous subscription. The annual term is reset to the date of upgrade.

Downgrade Behavior

A downgrade is any change in subscription to move down a subscription level with lower subscription fees, such as Business-Monthly to Professional-Monthly. This also includes a term change, such as Professional-Yearly to Professional-Monthly.

By policy, Matterport does not generate any refunds, so any downgrade happens after the current subscription term is finished. For example, suppose on April 13th you are on the Business-Monthly plan. On April 14th you decide to downgrade to Professional-Monthly. For the rest of April, you will remain at the Business-Monthly level. On May 1st Matterport will change you to a Professional-Monthly level for the future.

Basic, Professional, and Business plans CANNOT downgrade to a Free or Starter plan.

No lateral upgrades 

Attempting to laterally upgrade from a monthly to yearly plan will automatically enroll you in Matterport's newer plans - to keep your grandfathered-in payment methods with the Classic Plan, stick to the payment window you initially selected. This also applies to upgrading/downgrading from Business to Professional to Basic.

Cancel a pending downgrade 

To learn how to cancel a pending downgrade, please click here.

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