Subscription Plans

On May 9th, 2019 we introduced new cloud subscription plans for you to host, edit, and share your 3D spaces on Matterport Cloud (

Customers who subscribed before May 9th, 2019 can keep their Classic cloud plan*, but we welcome you to upgrade to one of the currently available plans. 

*If you cancel your account or your account is canceled for non-payment, you will be able to reactivate, but will not be able to purchase a Classic plan. You must subscribe to one of the currently available plans listed on

Read the terms and conditions of our cloud subscription plans. 

What benefits are there in the plans?

  • Simple, easy to understand pricingSimple pricing in terms you already know, that reflect how you and your business operate.
  • More predictable billing — No processing fees and no overage fees means a more stable bill from month to month. Better handle seasonality in your demand without big swings in your bill. Learn how billing works.
  • Simplify account administration — Free processing and unlimited hosting gives you freedom to scan whatever you desire. Think less about your bill and more about what you’re going to scan.

Curious about why we made these changes? Read the blog post.


What are the key elements in the new plans?

  • Unlimited processing
    • No per-space processing fees. Period.
    • No fees based on how big the space is (how many scan positions)
    • No fees based on which camera hardware you use to capture
  • New Feature: Archive spaces
    • Host as many spaces as you want. Archive the ones you don't need.
    • No hosting overage fees
    • Keep these spaces forever, as long as you are a paying customer
  • New Concept: Active space Limits
    • spaces can be set to ‘active’ or ‘archived’ status. You decide based on whether you need a space right now or not. Learn more.
    • Pricing tiers are differentiated by limits on how many active spaces you can have at any one time.



Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a NEW customer to Matterport. How will this affect me?

If you purchase a cloud subscription on or after May 9th, 2019, then you can only get one of the new plans. The classic plans are not available.

I have a Classic plan. Can I keep the plan I have?

Yes! If you’re happy with your plan then keep it! But note, if you cancel and return at a later date, you will only have the plans listed on to choose from. 

I have a Classic plan. Can I upgrade to one of the new plans?

Yes! If you like one of the new plans, feel free to upgrade! Go to to make the switch for your account.

I have a Classic plan. Can I switch to a different Classic plan?

Customers on Classic plans can only keep your current classic plan or upgrade to one of the new plans. For example, if you are on Basic (Classic) then you can stay on that plan (but not change to another classic plan). Or, you can upgrade to a new plan like Professional. Once you upgrade, you cannot go back to your old classic plan. Contact customer support if you have a specific issue related to your account.