What is an Active or Archived Space?

'Active' and 'archived' status does not apply to accounts on classic cloud plans (before May 9th 2019). Learn more.

'Active' or 'archived' is a status you can designate to a 3D space that is hosted on your Matterport Cloud (my.matterport.com) account.

Active or archived maintains access to your most important 3D spaces, while also retaining the flexibility of unlimited hosting for all the 3D spaces in your Matterport account.

What can I do with an active or archived space?

Active space Archived space 


  • Archive the space
  • Move to another folder
  • Delete from your account
  • Explore the space in 3D Showcase
  • Edit the space in Workshop to create a Highlight Reel, add Mattertags, labels, etc
  • Download assets or other add-ons
  • Toggle between public or private
    • spaces on Free plans can only be private
  • Edit the details (metadata)


  • Search for the space
  • Activate the space, as long as activating will keep you below the active space limit for your subscription
  • Move to another folder in your account
  • Delete from your account

Not possible:

  • Explore the space in 3D Showcase
  • Edit the space in Workshop
  • See assets or other add-ons
  • Transfer, share, or publish the space
  • Make the space public

How do I activate or archive a space?

  1. Open my.matterport.com and login.

    If you're sharing a space with another user, you must grant that user administrative capabilities in order for them to archive the space.

  2. Find the space you want to archive, and hit the "..." button to the right of the title. Archive_Button_Drop_Down.png
  3. Click the "Archive Space" button. 
  4. Confirm that you want to archive this individual space.


What if I am already at my limit for active spaces in my account?

All admins will receive an email that they are at the limit for their account. They’ll also see a notification with the UI inside Matterport Cloud (my.matterport.com).

You can continue to scan as much as you like with the Matterport Capture app and your iPhone or iPad. The scan data will be kept locally on your device, unprocessed.

However, your account will be blocked from uploading any new spaces to your cloud account for processing, hosting, editing and sharing. To resolve the issue, you have two options:

  1. Upgrade to a higher cloud plan. Your active space limit will increase immediately.
  2. Archive or delete existing spaces until you are below the limit.
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