Highlight Reel & Guided Tour in Edit Mode


With Edit Mode in 3D Showcase, it's quick and easy for you to create Highlight Reels and Guided Tours for all of your Matterport spaces.

  • Highlight Reel - The filmstrip at the bottom of 3D Showcase with thumbnail images (highlights) of this property.
  • Guided Tour - Visitors can press Play and it will automatically move them through the Highlight Reel. Visitors can stop at any moment to explore in more detail.


Create a Highlight Reel or Guided Tour

First, open your space in my.matterport.com. Check that you have 'Editor' access to this space and turn on Edit Mode.

Not familiar with 'Edit Mode' yet? Read our FAQ to learn more.

Navigate within your 3D model to your desired scan position and view. Click the filmstrip icon and  click 'Add View'.


That's it! Repeat this stepnavigate to the right viewpoint and hit 'Add View'to continue creating additional highlights. Make sure you show off the most exciting parts of your space!

For previous users of Workshop: No need to capture 2D Snapshots (individual photos) to create a Highlight Reel.

Optional: Add captions for your highlights, change the order, or remove highlights from the reel.


Optional: Change transitions to Slideshow (fade-to-black between highlights) or Walkthrough (move through the space).


Which way does the user's viewpoint (the 'camera') pan during a guided tour?

  • The user's viewpoint always pans to the direction of the next highlight.


Add 360º Views to the Highlight Reel

First, capture some 360º Views (unaligned panos) while on site and upload to the cloud. Learn more.

Open the '360 View' tool in Edit Mode. Open the specific 360 View that you want to add.


Click the 'Highlight Reel' icon and 'Add View'.



Customize the User Interface for Highlight Reels

Open the Settings menu (three dots '...' icon) and then Advanced > Tour & Highlights.

This settings can change how the user interface for Highlight Reels will appear in your final virtual tour.

  • Both play buttons and filmstrip -- Default & Recommended
  • Filmstrip only
  • Play buttons only


Optional: You can also customize the walkthrough tour speed with &wts=2 URL parameter. Learn more.

This parameter adjusts the transition speed between highlights. For example, &wts=2 means 2 meters per second between each Tour position. Recommend speed is in the range of 1 to 3 (default is 2). Learn more how you can customize 3D Showcase with URL parameters.

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