Update Firmware on Your 360 Camera


Firmware is low-level software that is closely related to hardware functionality. For 360 cameras like the Ricoh Theta V and the Insta360 ONE X, up-to-date firmware is necessary so you can connect the Matterport Capture app to the device and create 3D spaces.


Ricoh Theta V

Learn how to update your firmware.


Insta360 ONE X

First, download the Insta360 ONE X app on your smartphone.

Connect your camera to your phone through a cable or over WiFi. Learn howHow do I connect the ONE X to my phone?

Open the Insta360 ONE X app on your smartphone. Go to Settings.


Scroll down to About Insta360.


Check your firmware version.

Version 1.18.16 or newer is required to work with Matterport.


Tap Firmware Version and then the Upgrade Firmware button to start the upgrade.


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