Easily Purchase Additional Cameras or Cloud Plans

These changes will come into effect on March 11th, 2019.

We’ve made it easier for existing customers to purchase additional cameras as their business grows. Furthermore, new customers who only need a cloud plan can do so without being required to purchase a camera.


New Cameras for Existing Customers

Log in to my.matterport.com. Go to buy.matterport.com/cameras and continue through the cart to purchase your desired devices.

You must be an admin with Account Owner or an admin with Billing Contact privileges. Learn more about the types of admins.



Cloud Plan Only for New Customers

Go to buy.matterport.com/plans and continue through the cart to purchase your desired cloud plan.


You will still need to purchase a camera through the normal buy.matterport.com flow, through matterport.com/cameras, or elsewhere to scan and upload. You can also transfer your models in from a different Matterport account.

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