Single Login for and

These changes will come into effect on March 11th, 2019.

We’re combining your logins to and so you only need one login to access Matterport.

  • Your login credentials will go away.
  • Your login credentials will remain (same email address and password).

Financial-related activities previously available on will now be handled in by two new admin types, the Billing Contact and the Account Owner. Learn more. Normal admins will not be able to access financial-related functions.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What happens to my credentials?

Your credentials will now be deleted from our system. Please login using your login information.


What happens to the users I had in the app to manage my account?  How do I add them again?

Add them as collaborators in and make them admins as necessary. You can choose to designate one of them as the Billing Contact. Learn more.

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