Account Management Improvements on March 11th, 2019


Since March 11th, 2019 we've made improvements to account management and billing on the Matterport 3D Cloud platform. These changes will make it easier to manage your team, configure your account, and monitor your bill.

The goal is to streamline the billing process for you, as well as ensure that only the right people in your account can access financial information and receive billing emails.

Streamlined Account Management
Single email login to access both and  
Two new types of Admins: Account Owner and Billing Contact. Learn more
Self-Service Subscription Management
Download invoices directly from Learn more
Review your current plan, usage, and upgrade within Learn more
Easily purchase additional cameras for your growing business. Learn more
Concise Monitoring and Billing
One complete invoice, always available at the beginning of each month, that is easy for you to see what you are charged for.
Detailed monitoring in account settings so you can tell exactly how your account is using Matterport.
Billing logic that makes it clear when, where, and why you are charged for something.


What's Staying the Same

Your normal Matterport invoice and billing process will proceed on March 11th, 2019. This will cover your March hosting fee and any usage from February. The billing run always begins on the first business day of the month. See how we calculate your bill.

No changes to pricing, plans, features or the rest of our price list will happen on March 11th, 2019.

Additional Notes

Looking for historical invoices? Contact our Customer Success team and we can provide them for you.

Notice a tax change? We've corrected our billing processes so that going forward, every customer pays the correct amount of tax for their locality. Our team bases these taxes on the most current information we have for you as a customer. For questions or corrections, please contact our Customer Success team.

Tax Policy

North American customers

Some North American customers will now be charged tax against their SasS subscription and additional fees in accordance with the various policies of the different states. Our billing system integrates into a specialized tax service to properly calculate and charge these taxes. This change was made 3/7/19 when we upgraded to the new billing platform.

UK and EMEA customers

Some UK and EMEA customers will also be charged VAT in accordance with the tax rules in each country. We will use the best information we have to properly apply the VAT. The tax rules differ for tangible goods and digital services for each country, which can result in either VAT in the service addressed country or VAT via the Netherlands, from where we ship cameras sold in Europe.

For customers with a valid VAT ID, Matterport submits the ID along with a service address and any applicable product or service information to Avatax to determine the appropriate VAT charge.

Those customers who are required to pay VAT, or new customers who are required to pay VAT through upon a camera and/or plan purchase, may see a VAT charge on their subscription service as of March 7, 2019.

Editing your Address and VAT ID

In order to change your Service Address or add your VAT ID to your account, log in to your Cloud account and go to Settings > Billing page. There you will see your Addresses listed in the Address section with an Edit button on the right side as well as a VAT section just below with its dedicated Edit button.


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