New Versions of 3D Showcase and Workshop are Here!


The next generation of 3D Showcase (the web player you use to explore your 3D models) and Workshop (the editor you use to prepare and stage your space) are finally out of beta! Here's what you can do:

  • Prepare and stage your 3D model faster. Time is money!
    • Quickly switch to editing mode (no lengthy load time for Workshop!)
    • Start making edits in seconds. For example, you can set the start position, add Mattertag Posts, create highlight reels, take measurements, add room labels, and more.
  • Creating Highlight Reels is now easier than ever!
    • Start adding highlights with one click
    • Predict and preview tour behavior
    • Consistent panning behavior -- the camera will always pan to the direction of the next highlight
    • Customize the tour speed with the &wts URL parameter
    • Learn more about how to set up the Highlight Reel and Guided Tours in the new version of Workshop
  • Connect 360º Views with the Space
    • Place, adjust or remove 360º Views with new tool in edit mode.
    • With 360º Views, your audience can easily jump between the inside and outside of your 3D model. Learn more.Screen_Shot_2019-12-17_at_12.49.27_PM.png
  • Review before sharing with your audience
    • See your edits exactly how your audience will see it -- before you hit the Publish button
  • Enjoy a fresh and new modern look
    • Refreshed interface lets your users focus on exploring your space
    • Better look in all embed sizes
  • Enjoy exploring large models
    • Better performance on very large 3D models

Update to the new version of Showcase and Workshop today!

  • Enable it for all your 3D models: Open account settings on Matterport Cloud and switch to 'On.'
  • Enable for your individual 3D model: Open a specific model and toggle on to the new version.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will this change happen?

New versions of both Showcase and Workshop are available today. On July 1st, 2019 we will automatically update all your new and ongoing 3D Spaces to use the latest Showcase version.  Legacy Showcase and Legacy Workshop will be accessible until September 3rd, 2019. 


What will happen to my current 3D Spaces?

If you have previously switched from Showcase 2.0 (the old version) to Showcase 3.0 (the new version) then no change is necessary. If you haven't switched yet, starting July 1st, 2019 all created Spaces will come with the new version. Your existing Spaces will be updated on September 3rd, 2019 automatically. No action from you is necessary.


What actions do I need to take?

For most users, no action is necessary as the transition will be invisible and seamless.

For existing 3D Spaces, please double-check that customizations (like highlight reels) transfer over correctly in the new version. Adjust your customizations if necessary. Contact our customer support team if you have issues.


How do I access the edit mode (otherwise known as Workshop)?

Open and open a 3D Space. Check that you are an Admin, or that you have edit rights to this particular space. Click the Edit Space button to switch to editing mode.




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