FAQ on Edit Mode (New Workshop)


What is 'Matterport Workshop' and 'Edit Mode'?
Workshop is an online software tool for you to edit, enrich, and embellish your 3D spaces. 'Edit Mode' is the same functionality, but closely integrated with 3D Showcase. Edit mode is currently in beta. Benefits of Edit Mode over Workshop include:
  • Faster loading time — Edit mode opens immediately
  • Quickly preview changes — See how it looks before you publish
  • New visual design — Even easier to do what you want
What’s new in the public beta for Workshop?
In this release, you can do the following in the new Workshop:
  • Set the start location
  • Hide or show specific scans
  • Label a room
  • Annotate with Mattertag Posts
In addition, you can still manually place your 360º Views so they appear as a natural part of the virtual tour. More features are coming soon, so stay tuned!
How can I try the new Workshop?

Open my.matterport.com and find a space you have edit rights to. Click the pencil to switch to Edit Mode.


If you don’t see the pencil icon, you’ll need to enable Showcase 3.0 for that space.


Admins can go to Space Settings > 3D Showcase Beta to enable for all of their spaces.

What about the other Workshop features?

To take snapshots, create a highlight reel, or set up a guided tour you will have continue to use Workshop. Our team is working on these for the new beta! See how to access Workshop below.


What will happen to the current version of Workshop?
Workshop will still be available and will be backwards compatible with Edit Mode.
Do I have publish in both versions of Workshop?
Changes that you make in Edit Mode (Workshop 3.0) should be published from there. (blue button in top-right corner). Changes you make in the legacy Workshop continue to be published from there.
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