FAQ Matterport Capture 3.0

What’s New

1. Use Capture on your iPhone

  • You are no longer limited to just your iPad!
  • Recommended devices: iPhone 6S or newer. iPad Pro, 6th generation, or newer

2. 3D Conversion - Convert your 360º Views into 3D Scans.

  • Cortex AI approximates depth data based on the 360 visual image.

3. Support for 360 Cameras

  • Connect to your Ricoh Theta V, Ricoh Theta Z1, or Insta360 ONE X over Wi-Fi and scan as normal.
  • Note: the default password for the Ricoh Theta V or the Ricoh Theta Z1 is the numbers only in the Theta’s serial number. The serial number on the bottom of the device.

4. Edit Mode (Matterport Workshop)

5. 3D Showcase 

  • Models load faster, especially large models with lots of scan positions


FAQ - 360 Cameras Overall

1. Why is Matterport supporting 360 cameras?

We're moving towards a more horizontal platform strategy, where Matterport is a platform that supports many different cameras for capture.

Support of 360 cameras is intended for an entry-level segment of the market that does not require the accuracy, performance, and image quality of Matterport’s professional products, and therefore had not invested in a Pro2.

This entry-level solution is perfect for those who those who want to scan small spaces and don’t mind doing the work themselves. Clients who cannot or will not scan themselves will continue to hire a professional.


2. What are the advantages of a Pro2 camera compared to the 360 cameras?

  • Higher resolution (134 MP vs ~15 MP)
  • Better light-dark HDR performance
  • Accuracy within 1% (vs. 4-8% for 360 cameras)
  • Floorplans, print-ready 2D photos, and Matterpaks are only available with the Pro2


3. How does Matterport generate 3D depth data from images alone?

We use our unique Cortex AI (artificial intelligence) technology to approximate 3D depth from 2D cameras that don’t have 3D depth sensors.

Cortex understands objects, rooms, and the detailed characteristics of a space. It is a machine learning algorithm that is trained on billions of individual 3D images and data points from Matterport's large, worldwide library of 3D spaces.


4. Is Matterport is abandoning hardware development? Do 360 cameras replace the Matterport Pro2 3D camera solution?

No. We are committed to investing in our Professional line of cameras for the future. Our professional line occupies an important niche above our entry-level solution (360 cameras) and below the Precision Pro line (Leica BLK360).

Each camera line fits different needs for different sets of users. The Pro2 is best for large spaces and professional marketing situations. 360 cameras are best for scanning small spaces and DIY users just getting started with 3D.

5. How is Matterport using artificial intelligence?

Matterport makes heavy use of AI in its platform for two purposes:

  • Creating 3D models from 2D photographs
  • Task automation
    • Instant galleries
    • Video clips (MP4 and GIF)
    • Face blurring
    • Tour starting point and hero image
    • Room identification


FAQ - Product Usage

1. Can I use different camera hardware devices in the same 3D model?

Yes! Just like you can use both the BLK360 and Matterport in the same 3D model, you can also add scans from a 360 camera. For 360 cameras, we recommend you scan at slightly shorter distances for proper alignment. The minimap within Capture may look different if the data comes from a 360 camera, but this is corrected during cloud processing.


2. Do 360 cameras align the same way as a Matterport Pro or Pro2 camera?

Overall, the scanning method is the same — only a few small issues to watch out for:

Issue Symptom/Description Resolution
Alignment Failures Error dialog appears showing no alignment Move closer to a previous scan and try again. Possibly delete a previous scan and continue scanning. Learn more.
Scan Density Alignment issues in doorways, stairways, and tight spaces Scan more often and closer together.
Misalignments Alignment succeeds, but Capture app placed the scan in the wrong place. Common in rooms that look very similar. Add common household objects to make each room unique. Learn more.
Jump Alignments Alignment issues when you scan one section of a property and then ‘jump’ to another far away part of the same property. Plan your path to be linear through a property. Alternately, ‘rescan’ over a previous scan instead of jumping.


3. Can I scan outdoors, or in areas where a Pro/Pro2 cannot scan?

This is possible in some situations, but performance is not guaranteed. Please feel free to experiment here. Tell us what you find at capture-beta@matterport.com!


4. Do you support <Camera X>?

Currently we only support the Ricoh Theta V, Ricoh Theta Z1, and the Insta360 ONE X. We rely on camera manufacturers to support the OSC 2.1 (open spherical camera) API so our app can tell the device to take the photo (and transfer the data back to the app). Unfortunately not all manufacturers implement this API, and not on all of their devices.

Do you own another 360 camera? Tell us at capture-beta@matterport.com. Tell us which specific make and model, plus what applications you use it for. We'll look into supporting it over the long-term.


5. Can I connect a mobile phone or DSLR and motor-mount to capture 360 images with Matterport Capture?

Not at this time - our support is focused on 360 cameras.


6. The minimap in the Capture app does not look as crisp when I use a 360 camera. Is this normal?

This is expected and is fine: the minimap is a working, simplified view before cloud processing creates the 3D model. By its nature, synthetic depth data created from a 360 camera is less precise than depth data gathered from a Matterport Camera or a Leica BLK360.


7. How careful do I need to be marking trim locations, windows and mirrors?

Mirror markings do not need to be precise - they are meant to assist in alignment and notify the app to ignore that reflection. Window and trim markings are designed to clean up the ‘dollhouse’ view and the underlying 3D model. Take your best shot at placing the markings. We recommend you err on the side of trimming less rather than too much.


Known Issues

Crashes: If the Capture app hangs or crashes, just double tap the iPhone home button. Swipe up to close the Capture app, and then relaunch.

Device Orientation: Switching between portrait and landscape on your iOS device may show your scan positions in the wrong location. No problem — just scan again and everything will be fine.

Forced disconnect: The 'forced disconnect' issue with the BLK360 still remains - we are working on it in conjunction with Leica Geosystems.

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