Import a Floor Plan into Xactimate®

If you're an estimator, adjuster, loss consultant, or restoration contractor then you'll likely want a sketch of the property so you can submit a scope of loss estimate. Matterport can help with this crucial step.

This article explains how you can start this process with Matterport and Xactimate®. For Symbility, follow the same workflow. The feature in Symbility is called "Background Blue Print" located in the "View" tab.


(1) Scan a Space with Matterport

Remember that in order to get 99% accuracy or higher, you need your scan to be dense enough. That means that if you draw an 8 foot radius around every scan, you will cover the entire floor plan.


(2) Order a Schematic Floor Plan

Once the model has finished processing in the cloud, order a Schematic Floor Plan. Learn how.

Floor plans take two business days to process. You'll receive an email when it is ready. 

The floor plan is in a ZIP file containing several different file formats. You'll only need the PNG file.


(3) Import into Xactimate®

Open Xactimate®, and find the Import Underlay Image command. Select the PNG floor plan file and import it into Xactimate®.

You will be prompted to trace over one wall in your floor plan and provide the measurement for that wall. Select the longest wall in the property and provide its length based on the floor plan.

Now you are ready to trace! Simply trace over the floor plan. Your measurements are completely to scale because they are based on the first measurement you input.

Using the 'Underlay Image' feature in Xactimate®. Courtesy: Xactware.

Import from Underlay (Matterport + Xactware). Courtesy: Actionable Insights.

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