Lighting Equipment for Dark Environments

Properties you scan for restoration purposes often tend to be dark, low-light environments. This is because after a disaster, the utilities are shut-off and/or the windows are boarded up. Opening windows can help, but may introduce issues with sunlight.

Instead, some of our customers have found great success attaching artificial lighting to the top of the camera

Remember to check out our Scanning for Insurance Restoration article for more tips.


Option 1

litra-torch.png  LitraTorch 800 Lumens
  • Purchase two lights
  • $79.95 for a single light
  • rechargeable battery lasts 4hrs
  • 800 Lumens
Buy on Amazon
litra-torch-double-mount.png  LitraTorch Double Mount Buy on Amazon
desmond-skeleton-clamp.jpg Desmond Skeleton Clamp Buy on Amazon
 gopro-suction-cup-mount.png Suction Cup Mount for GoPro Buy on Amazon 
 adhesive-mounting-disk.png Adhesive Mounting Disk Buy on Amazon

Setup instructions (courtesy of Actionable Insights)


Option 2


LED Panel Lighting

  • rechargeable battery lasts 2.5hrs on high setting
  • 5000lux
  • 84 LED panel
  • bright/wide angle light
Buy on Amazon
 3m-mounting-pads.png Adhesive Mounting from 3M Buy on Amazon
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