Place your 360º Views in Edit Mode

You can also place your 360º Views in the Capture app before you upload the cloud.


360º Views are a type of scan you can capture with your Matterport camera. They are like a normal 3D scan, but they only capture visual data and not depth data. Learn more about 360º Views.

360º Views do not contribute to the dollhouse and are not automatically connected to other scan positions. You can however, manually place your 360º Views so they appear naturally within the virtual tour. Check it out:

  1. If you HAVE NOT uploaded to the cloud (ie the model is still on your capture device), then try placing your 360º Views within the Capture app.
  2. If you HAVE uploaded already, keep reading! You will make your changes in Workshop on Matterport Cloud (

360 Placement uses the new Edit (previously known as Workshop) platform. Read the blog post to learn more.

Explore your 3D Model 

First, login to Matterport Cloud ( and find the space you want to edit. You’ll need to have Editor privileges for the model, or be an admin.

Now, explore your 3D model, keeping in mind that you'll be adding 360° views, which are likely going to exist outdoors. Find the best "points" in the model where you think your 360° views will look best - establishing starting points like this will make the editing process in Workshop much faster and easier.

Open the 360 Menu & Place Your 360s

Click the Edit button.


Click the 360 icon on the right to open the side menu.


When you’re ready to place your 360° view, drag the 360° image icon onto the map.  For multiple story buildings, make sure you are on the right floor. Drag the 360 to the map and place in the correct position.


Rotate the 360° view by hitting the rotate icon in the center of your screen.  Orient your 360° view the best you can in relation to your property. For example, if this 360 is a curb view, then make sure the house is closest to the rest of the floorplan. Correct orientation mean smooth transitions in your final virtual tour.


That’s it! For future changes, just drag the 360 on the map the correct location. The pink line shows which 3D scan this 360 will be visible from the inside. Logical placement, such as next to a door or a window, is preferred.


You can also click the 360 itself to open the menu again and remove, rotate, or preview


Preview & Publish Your Changes

Change back to View Mode by clicking the Exit button. You can preview your changes in View Mode, just like a normal visitor to 3D Showcase.

Only space editors can see these changes before they are published.


When you’re ready to share changes with your viewers, click the Publish button at the top-right of the window. 


Changes you make in the new Workshop only apply to 360º Views. Changes you make in the current Workshop do not reflect in the new Workshop, and vice-versa.

To place a 360º on a specific floor, you have several options:

  • Select the desired floor first, then place the 360.
  • If  ‘All’ floors is selected, then the 360 will be placed on the ground floor.
  • Select the Dollhouse View. Drag the pin around the map to move it up and down. The highlighted floor is the floor that this 360 will attach to.



We have a whole page of 360 Views FAQs HERE.



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