How to Post a Single 360º Photo to Facebook

360º photos are a great way to make your social media posts engaging and exciting. They are also a good way to portray your brand as cool and tech-savvy.

People who visit your Facebook feed can click-and-drag (desktop) or swipe/tilt (mobile) to see the entire 360º image.


Posting a single 360º photo from Matterport to Facebook is easy and fast!

  1. Choose a 360º in your space
  2. Download to your computer
  3. Post on Facebook

Learn more about 360º Snapshots in Matterport.


Step 1: Choose a 360º in Your Space

Log in to Matterport Cloud ( and find the space that you want to share. Open Matterport Workshop.


Navigate in the main view until you get to the location you want to share. You can also use the arrow keys to move and pan your view.

You want to choose the most compelling 360º from the entire space to share. This will get you the most likes, comments, and clicks. For a real estate listing, this can be the living room or kitchen. For a business like a restaurant, this can be at the entrance or the dining area. The choice is up to you! 

Sometimes your best view is an outdoors shot, like the curb view or a shot of the pool. Your camera operator may have captured these as a 360º View in Matterport. No problem! Click 3D Scans & 360º Views. Scroll through the list and click a 360º View to see it in the main view.


Now it's time to save this 360º to your computer! 

Click the black Snapshot icon in the black toolbar. Click the 360º cylinder icon so Workshop knows you are capturing a 360º photo and not a normal 2D photo. Finally, click the big camera button!



Step 2: Download to Your Computer

Close out Workshop (big X in the top-right corner). Click Photos in the left sidebar. 

Scroll to the very end to see your 360º photos. You'll notice that we show 360º photos as wide rectangles, while 2D photos are shown as squares. Click the down arrow in the top-right corner to download this 360º to your computer.



Step 3: Post on Facebook

Now open your web browser and go to Facebook. Click "Photos and Video" and choose the image from your computer. You can also click and drag to adjust the starting view within the 360º photo. 


Finally, write a compelling message to reinforce what you see in the picture. For example, you might want to call out your new renovations or a classic style. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but sometimes it is easier to just write it down!

Remember to end with a clear call-to-action such as visit your website, sign up through a form, or call for more details.

Link to the full Matterport Space so your viewers can check out all of your 360ºs! On Matterport Cloud, click "Share" and then "Copy". Back in Facebook, press Control + V (Command + V on Macs) to paste the URL into your Facebook post. 


Finally, click Post and you're done! Watch the likes come in :)

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