Matterport TruePlan™ Limitations

Scanning a Property

  • When scanning the property, scan in 3D Scan mode as much as possible. Scans taken in 360º View mode do not capture 3D data, so they do not contribute to the TruePlan™.

Default Settings

  • When Areas or Blocks are incorporated into the TruePlan™, the default settings are applied (i.e., the square-footage/linear-footage is not set to deduct).
  • When open walls are in play, the TruePlan™ generator maintains a bias towards separating the rooms based on the flooring material transitions as opposed to ceiling design elements.

Note: TruePlan does not include reference blocks

Windows & Doors

  • The window “type” is set to the default “Picture” style with “Grid”.
  • Note: Defining the window “Type” does not influence graphical estimating in the vast majority of scenarios.
  • The door “Type” will be uniquely defined, informed by the scan data provided.
  • The door “Style” will be set to the default “Flush” setting.
  • The individual windows and door deduction settings are set to Xactimate® defaults (the windows and doors are not deducted from the wall calculations.)

Accuracy & Variance

  • Not every property can be rendered exactly as it was built, as some details may be intentionally underrepresented or omitted. These are known limitations associated with Xactimate®’s graphical estimate writer, “Sketch”.
  • Dimensions are accurate to within 1% of reality. Learn more.
  • Xactimate® compatible TruePlans are built to operate within a reasonable variance. While not perfect, they have an overall variance that is significantly less than current methods of creating a sketch.
  • Factors that increase variance:
    • Heavy construction debris
    • Extreme contents (hoarding)
    • Low lighting
    • Significant amounts of temporary shoring (post fire)
    • Extremely compromised or collapsed roofs/ceilings
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