FAQ - Instant Galleries

What kind of 3D models make good Instant Galleries?

Instant Galleries are useful for getting photos from indoors single-family, residential homes. It also works well on any other living spaces such as apartments or hotel rooms. Think anywhere you can sleep in.

What kind of 3D models might have issues?

Currently, Instant Galleries do not generate outdoor photos such as the curb view, backyard, pool view, etc. We're working on this for a future release!

Non-residential 3D models of restaurants, venues, and construction sites will generate photos too, but the photos may not get good results. This is because we haven't trained our machine learning system on these types of models yet.

Can I still take my own photos?

Yes, go ahead! Feel free to open Workshop, take your own 2D snapshots, and use them however you like.

How do I give feedback on Instant Galleries?

We'd love to hear what you think! Give feedback directly within Matterport Cloud (my.matterport.com).

Click on Photos and then open a specific photo. At the bottom you'll see a happy and sad face for you to rate each photo. If you decide on using a sad face, please explain why! 


This feedback goes back and improves our machine learning algorithms so all future models you create will have even better photos!

How can I make these photos better?

There's several different ways you can ensure you get great still photos for your print and digital marketing.
  • Give feedback in Matterport Cloud (my.matterport.com) as shown earlier.
  • Change your scanning technique to include good scan positions for 2D photos as well. Learn more.
  • Use a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera to get high quality, 4K imagery. Buy now.

What if I don't want the photos? 

The Instant Gallery photos are generated automatically. If you don't want them, you can easily delete them. Just click on Photos, check the boxes for the ones you want to delete, then click on the trash can.
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