Place your 360º Views in the Capture App

You can place your 360º Views in Workshop after you upload to the cloud as well.


With 360º View placement, you can now manually place your 360º Views within your Matterport Space. Once placed, viewers can navigate between 360º Views and the rest of the 3D space, and even from one 360º View to another. Overall, this will make your 360º Views (outdoor shots) more integrated and more prominent in your virtual tour.

Here's how it works:

  1. Use the Matterport camera and the Capture app to take a 360º View. You can place 360º Views on old models too.
  2. Select a 360º View and “Place on Map”. Drag it to the correct position on the minimap.
  3. Rotate the circular preview to ensure that it is oriented correctly.
  4. Upload the model as normal.

That’s it! Visitors to your space in 3D Showcase will be able to navigate to 360º Views naturally just as if they were part of the rest of the immersive virtual tour.

Your 360º Views (usually outdoor shots like the curb view and patios) will be more visible and your visitors get a better, more complete view of the property — both inside and out.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place 360º Views on spaces that I have already uploaded?
Yes, you can! Please read: Place your 360º Views in Workshop.
Does a 360º View have to be outside?
Not necessary. 360º views are usually outside a property, but they can actually be anywhere. We recommend you take 360º views at times when it is hard or difficult for a normal 3D scan to align. For certain spots like small, enclosed spaces (closets, utility rooms, etc) you may want to leave the door closed for a 3D scan, and then take a single 360º view while inside.
Does this replace the Highlight Reel?
Nope. You can still place 360º Views in the highlight reel as you did before. This feature just gives you even more choice on how to customize your virtual tour.
Can I make a placed 360 View the start position for a space?
Yes! You will have to ignore an alert and a warning in Workshop. Choose “Publish Anyway”. These warnings are here to prevent a viewers who are not part of this beta from getting “stuck” inside a 360 View.
Can 360º View markers be placed automatically?
Sometimes. If location and orientation data is available, then Capture will attempt to place the 360º View in what it believes to be the correct location.

You should always check the position and the orientation (compass heading) relative to the rest of the 3D model to make sure that it was placed correctly. If necessary, move to a different location and rotate the preview appropriately.

If you are using a Pro2 camera, we’ll attempt to use the GPS data in each scan. Sometimes a high quality GPS signal is not possible, especially when indoors.

If you are using a cellular-enabled iPad with a Pro, we will also attempt to use location data from the iPad. The iPad’s location may be slightly different from the camera’s location, especially if you are hiding from the camera instead of walking behind it. In addition, you will have to allow the iOS Capture app to use your iPad’s location data.

Can I hide the 360º View markers in Dollhouse or Floor Plan View?
Yes. 360º view markers can now be adjusted, hidden, or deleted in Showcase after they are uploaded. Place your 360º views in Workshop.
Can I hide the 360º View markers from 3D Showcase?
Yes. In order to hide 360º view markers from 3D Showcase you need to go to Workshop and hide needed 360º view under ‘3D Scans & 360º views’ list.
Can I copy a 360º View from one model to another in Capture?
Not yet. Currently you will have to open each model in the Capture app, take the 360º view, and then place it accordingly.
Will placed 360º Views affect Schematic Floor Plans, or the point clouds or the OBJ file?
No, 360º Views do not contribute to any 3D derivative assets.
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