Matterport's Plan for GDPR

The GDPR & Matterport’s Commitment to You

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is a set of rules and guidelines regarding online data and privacy for companies with users in the European Union (EU).

Matterport takes your privacy and data seriously. We’re thankful that you trust us with your data by using our products and services to create, host, and share the places that matter to you. We’re putting these ideas into practice by changing the way we store and process your private data, including complying with GDPR.

Email us if you still have questions about how Matterport handles your data.


How Matterport is Complying with the GDPR

The Matterport product you know will continue to perform as you expect, but we’re making a suite of changes across the business to better serve you, our customers.

There are several changes to improve your privacy, transparency, and data safeguards in Matterport Cloud (

These features will be available before May 25th, 2018.


1) Right to be Forgotten (removing personal identifying information)

At any point, a user can choose to be “forgotten.” This means that Matterport will permanently remove all personal data (also known as personal identifying information or PII) we have about you from our systems, including from other third party vendors and data processors that we use.

To start this process, please contact our Customer Success team directly.

Removing your personal data (personal identifying information) is a permanent action that we cannot reverse.

You will have the ability to remove your personally identifying information from Matterport, but Matterport retains anonymous records in some cases. Here’s the personal identifying information that we remove when you request your personal information to be forgotten.


(A) First name, last name, title, phone, email, and password as specified in Any default product settings as listed in

Admins will retain full access to the 3D spaces that you uploaded to the organization’s account. On invoices and other places where records need to be kept, your identity will be removed (for example, on Settings > Account Info > Space History).


(B) If you are an Admin, then we will check if you are the only admin on the organization’s account.

If your organization’s account has at least one other admin, then we will delete your personal identifying information just as if you were a collaborator.

If you are the only admin on the organization’s account, then we will treat this just like if you wanted to cancel your organization’s account. Contact our Customer Success team and we can help you with this process.


(C) If your account is closed and you file a "forget me" request, then the same process as (A) and (B) applies. Your information is removed from any spaces that include your email address and phone number.


2) Data Portability

All users (regardless of their location) can now download a digital record that tells them “everything that Matterport knows about me”. This is a file or a set of files that tells you everything we as a company know about you as an individual user of Matterport.

All Matterport Cloud users can access this record by first going to Under a privacy tab, you can select an option to export your user data. You’ll then download a ZIP file that includes all of your profile information and information about all the 3D models you uploaded as a user.

You can also ask our Customer Success team for this information as well.

Email us if you still have questions about how Matterport handles your data.


ePrivacy & Browser Cookies

We will disclose all of the cookies that we use and we plan to comply with the updated EU ePrivacy Directive when it goes into effect.

Matterport Cloud ( users will be able to disable non-essential browser cookies related to performance and analytics. We collect this data and use it in aggregate to measure site reliability across all users.

Email us if you still have questions about how Matterport handles your data.

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