Manage Storage Space on the BLK360

After every successful scan, point cloud data is automatically transferred from the Leica BLK360 to Matterport Capture so it can be aligned with previous scans.

Scan data is also kept on the Leica BLK360. To avoid running out of storage space on the BLK360, you may have to delete old scans to make room for new scans.


How to Delete Old Scans

From the Capture app

Connect the Leica BLK360 to Capture. 

Make sure the camera has a green ring status.

Open the menu in Capture and go to Storage & Firmware.

Tap on "tap here to clear storage space"


From the BLK app

First download the BLK360 app from the App Store. Turn on the BLK360 device and connect to it over WiFi.

On the top-right it shows you how much free space is on the BLK360. A "scan position" in Matterport is called a "setup" in the BLK360 app. Tap the camera icon to browse your setups.


Tap the trashcan icon for the scan that you want to delete. Confirm you want to delete the scan. Continue deleting old scans until you have enough space on the device for your next job.



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