How is the Ecosystem useful for real estate agents and brokers?

Real estate agents will benefit from the Matterport Ecosystem by offering clients more than just the best way to market a property online. You can offer a game-changing benefit to the seller and their buyers. With a single 3D shoot you’re able to offer sellers unlimited 24/7 online open houses and offer buyers a 3D model that they will be able to use to expedite the closing process and live better in the property, including:

  • Expedite appraisal and inspections during closing and financing
  • Get more accurate insurance policy (potentially with a second scan to assess belongings, and a scan at the time of a claim)
  • Tap into virtual staging for redecorating
  • Provide a 3D asset for remodeling
  • Expedite long-term maintenance by reducing repairmen visits

This positions you as the tech leader in you market, and helps build a deeper ongoing relationship with property buyers and sellers, not just at the point of sale of a property, and increases the value of a service you already provide.

Because you also receive attribution when you create a Space in the ecosystem, your brand gets more exposure to buyers, sellers, renters, and anyone who touches the property lifecycle. This is a pivotal change in the way you will be able to market yourself and discover new clients. Additionally, your content cannot be used for marketing or public consumption down the line, which encourages future home owners to contact you if they require additional services.

Additionally, with Space Transfer and free private accounts, you will be able to offer a private copy of the Space as a closing gift and memento to home sellers, which they will be able to privately appreciate for sentimental value.  You will also be able to offer the same to the buyer, so that you can build their brand amongst those who might be selling in the future, resulting in more referrals.

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