FAQ: Matterport Ecosystem for Service Partners

This article pertains to the recently announced Matterport Ecosystem. Learn more here.

Can a home owner use the Space I created to market their property again at a later date?

No (unless you give them that license). The license Matterport collects only allows the property owner or renter to use the Matterport Space in a private manner, to be shared with future Ecosystem partners for the purposes of appraisal, insurance, renovations, etc. For example, if a home owner wants to redecorate their home, in a future integration, they might be able to use the existing model and RoOomy to accomplish this. In this case, you - the content creator - would also get attribution in those downstream situations, putting your brand in front of the new owner.

If that same home owner wanted to use that model to then resell their home, they would not be able to do that. This future home owner would not be able to share this model publicly for advertising and would need to commission a new scan if they were to sell their home again. This is not an integration or use-case that would exist without this Ecosystem initiative. These additional apps are pivotal to growing the value of Matterport Spaces. 


Will I receive attribution for the 3D Spaces I create?

Yes! When Spaces are provided to the subsequent property owner or occupant, Matterport will provide attribution to the original content creator so they can reach out when they need additional property scans.

We view this as an important way MSPs will increase their exposure among new potential client groups, and win repeat business for a property (for example, to create a version without furniture for use with virtual staging).


How does the Ecosystem impact my Matterport Service Partner business, and how do I benefit from it?

By enabling other organizations to build useful apps and services on Matterport, we believe that the demand for - and visibility of - 3D scanning and related services will grow rapidly.

Currently, most MSPs service property builders (such as construction management companies), or property marketers (such as real estate agents and vacation rental management companies). We are already seeing interest in Matterport Spaces much deeper into the property lifecycle, and enabling our Ecosystem partners will accelerate that growth.

With new use cases, MSPs will see demand for their services increase, and see new opportunities for use cases throughout the lifecycle of a property, beyond construction or sale.

You, as a Matterport Service Partner, are in the best position to take advantage of this increased demand and expanded markets such as appraisal, insurance, remodelling, renovation, and rental.


I have commercial and retail clients and am concerned about their privacy, especially that of major brands. What should I do?

Remember that Spaces in the Ecosystem will not be available for public consumption. We only retain a limited license for the private, authenticated use of Spaces by, or on authorized behalf of, the property owner.

"Authenticated" means that users must log in to a Matterport account or via single sign-on with a third-party partner, and must be verified as the property owner or occupant.

If you work with major retail brands, you should ensure that they understand that Matterport is not making their Spaces available to the general public or to other entities such as their competitors. Third-party partners who build applications on top of our platform will only have access to a particular Space via authentication on the part of the user.

For example, if a partner develops a remodeling app, the property owner may be able to login, access their 3D Space privately via the third-party app, and view different paint colors or shelving arrangements within their account, but other customers would not be able to access those same Spaces.


How does Ecosystem participation impact my hosting fees?

Single-family residential properties with a verified street address, which have been Public at some point, will only count toward customer hosting limits for the first 12 months following upload. After 12 months, these properties will no longer count toward your hosting limit and you will not be charged for continued hosting.

We appreciate the contribution content creators make to the Ecosystem and are happy to offer this allowance.

Note: We will not charge accounts for models hosted over their plan limit until June 1, 2018. At that time, single-family residential Spaces with verified addresses that are set to Public will not count toward hosting numbers for billing purposes.


As an MSP, how do I generate revenue from the Ecosystem?

We expect MSPs to be able to expand their business in the following ways because of the Ecosystem:

  • Brand exposure to new clients via Space distribution with attribution to the original content creator.
  • Expanded vertical and consumer-facing use cases that demand more scanning of properties for a variety of applications.
  • Offering 3rd Party Services via Matterport (submit a service here).
  • Developing deeper client relationships to drive repeat business
  • Expanded consultative services to ensure optimal use of the entire Matterport Ecosystem by your clients.


I currently charge for long-term hosting. Does this prevent me from doing that?

No. Free accounts will not be able to set Spaces to Public, so if clients rely on you for long-term, shareable hosting of Spaces, you will still be able to operate in this way.

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