I sold my home and do not want the new owner to have access to the 3D Space. What can I do?

When a Matterport Space is created and used publically, it is made available for private, authenticated (i.e. ‘logged-in’) use by the verified subsequent property owner or occupant. Please note that this is not for general public use (unless otherwise noted), but rather for private use by the subsequent property owner for private applications such as remodeling, maintenance, or insurance, via private apps.

If there is a Matterport 3D model of your former residence, which you do not wish to share with the downstream home owner for their private use, you may issue a takedown request.  

At this time we are collecting information from property owners in order to generate an interest list.  If you are interested in having your property removed from the Matterport Ecosystem, please complete this form.  

Before the Ecosystem is put into effect, we will contact the interested property sellers on this list to gather more information before the Space is taken down from the Ecosystem. 

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