Matterport Price List

This article explains our current pricing structure and billing of Matterport cameras, cloud plans, and additional features. Learn how our billing works. Looking for information about our legacy subscription plans? Learn more.

Matterport Cameras

Camera US Dollars Great Britain Pounds Euros
Pro2 (specs) $3395 £2830 3180€

Your pricing may vary if you purchase from a Value-Added Reseller.  

Subscription Pricing

Cloud hosting fees are billed at the beginning of the month and cover hosting for that month. All subscription plans are billed in advance and are non-refundable.

Subscription Tier Subscription Fee (Monthly) Subscription Fee (Annual)
Discount over monthly contract
Annual contract, billable monthly
Total Active Models**
Free* $0 £0 0€ - - - 1 active model***


$9.99/mo £7.99/mo 8.99€/mo - - - 5 active models
Professional $69/mo £55/mo 62€/mo $708/yr
($59/mo equivalent)
(£47/mo equivalent)
(53€/mo equivalent)
25 active models
Professional Plus $129/mo £99/mo 115€/mo $1320/yr
($110/mo equivalent)
(£84/mo equivalent)
(98€/mo equivalent)
50 active models
Business $309/mo £247/mo 275€/mo $3228/yr
($269/mo equivalent)
(£215/mo equivalent)
(239€/mo equivalent)
100 active models
Business Plus $689/mo £546/mo 620€/mo $7188/yr
($599/mo equivalent)
(£475/mo equivalent)
(539€/mo equivalent)
250 active models
Enterprise Custom plans available for customers with high-volume hosting needs.

* Models created with the Matterport Pro 3D Camera, Matterport Pro2 3D Camera, or the Leica BLK360 cannot be uploaded to Free or Starter plans. 3D models can be transferred into Free and Starter accounts but cannot be transferred out to other accounts. Learn more.

** For all plans, you can upload, process, and host an unlimited number of models. However, each plan has a limited amount of active models that can be actively explored, edited, and shared. You can host an unlimited number of archived models beyond this limit. Learn more.

*** Models on Free plans are Private only (cannot be shared publicly). Models on all other plans can be set to Private or Public.

Additional Product & Services

You can download additional assets from each Matterport 3D model you create. Some assets (like 2D snapshots), are completely free and unlimited. Other assets (as specified below) are offered at a small charge.

Add-on charges are billed at the beginning of each month. They are based on your activity in the previous month.

Product or Service Free Plan Starter Plan Professional Plans Business Plans
Schematic Floor Plan* n/a n/a US$14.99 per floor plan (£13 or 15€) US$12.99 per floor plan (£11 or 13€)
MatterPak™ Bundle n/a n/a US$49 per MatterPak Bundle (£39 or 44€) US$39 per MatterPak Bundle (£31 or 35€)
Publish to Google Street View** n/a US$19.99 per model (£17 or 19€) US$14.99 per model (£13 or 15€) US$12.99 per model (£11 or 13€)

*The experimental testing program for 360º cameras and Matterport is now complete. Any model containing at least one spherical camera scan will not have the option to purchase Floor plans or Matterpaks as defined by the original product parameters.

**Currently available on non-residential properties only, subject to Google Street View's terms of service. For Google Street View, you have unlimited edits and republishes for a specific 3D model (SID in Matterport).

Upgrade & Downgrade Behavior

Account Owners and Billing Contacts can visit to upgrade or downgrade their current subscription.

Upgrade Behavior

Any change in subscription within the same term (monthly or yearly) where you are moving up subscription levels with higher subscription fees is considered an upgrade. For example, Professional-25 to Professional-50.

Any upgrade happens immediately on the upgrade request. This includes access to any new features.

You, the customer, are charged a prorated amount for the new subscription if monthly, or for 12 months of service if annual, AND get a credit for any subscription fees paid for that month or year in the previous subscription. The annual term is reset to the date of upgrade.

Downgrade Behavior

A downgrade is any change in subscription to move down a subscription level with lower subscription fees, such as Professional-Monthly to Basic-Monthly. This also includes a term change, such as Basic-Yearly to Basic-Monthly.

Our company policy is to not generate any refunds. Therefore, any downgrade happens after the current subscription term is finished. For example, suppose on April 13th you are on the Professional-50 plan. On April 14th you decide to downgrade to Professional-25. For the rest of April, you will remain on the Professional-50 plan. On May 1st you will be on the Professional-25 plan going forward.

Professional and Business plans cannot downgrade to a Free or Starter plan.

To cancel a pending downgrade, please contact our customer success team.

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