Matterport Price List

This article explains pricing structure and billing of Matterport cameras, Cloud Plans, and additional features. Learn how our billing works.

Matterport Cameras

Camera US Dollars GB Pounds Euros
Pro2 (specs) $3395 £2830 3180€
Pro2 Lite (specs) $2495 £2195 2495€

Your pricing may vary if you purchase from a Value-Added Reseller.


Processing Charges

Each time you upload a 3D Space, you pay a small fee to process your raw 2D and 3D data into a complete, interactive 3D tour with automatic assets like videos and virtual reality. The processing charge depends on the device you used to capture your 3D Space.

Pro and Pro2 3D Cameras qualify for an amount of free processing credit which makes scanning with them even more affordable. The amount of credit depends on the plan you select, summarized in the next section.

Camera Standard Space Processing Rate* Large Space Processing Rate** Eligible for Free Processing Credit?†
 Pro2 $19  £16  18€ $38 £32 36€   Yes
Pro2 Lite $29 £24  27€ $58 £48 54€ No
Pro $19 £16 18€  $38  £32 36€ Yes
BLK360 $29 £24  27€ $58 £48 54€ No

* Standard Spaces contain 3-100 scan positions or 360˚ Views. Spaces that are comprised of 2 scan positions or fewer are processed for free.

** Large Spaces contain 101 or more scan positions or 360˚ Views. While it is possible to process Spaces with over 200 scan positions, it is not currently recommended for commercial scanning as processing can sometimes fail.

† The amount of free processing credit depends on your Cloud Plan tier. Free processing credit is applied on a monthly basis and does not roll over from month to month.

Re-uploads of previously processed Spaces are free. Any time you duplicate an already processed model in Capture (such as to add/delete scans or to add/delete markings), and then re-upload it is also free.


Cloud Plan Pricing

To process data from your Matterport camera, and leverage our powerful cloud-based 3D data discovery and hosting platform, you'll sign up for a monthly or annual Cloud Plan. This gives you access to world-class vision processing to turn your raw 2D and 3D content into interactive 3D walkthroughs and derivative assets, to lightning-fast hosting, and to a growing set of Space editing and distribution tools.

Cloud hosting fees are billed at the beginning of the month and cover hosting for that month. All subscription plans are billed in advance and are non-refundable.

Subscription Tier 

Platform Fee

(Monthly Billing)

Platform Fee

(Annual Billing, save 16%+)

Included Hosting* Free Monthly Processing Credit**


$49/mo  £39/mo 44€/mo $499/yr  £399/yr  450€/yr 100 Spaces 3 Spaces/mo ($57/£48/54€ value)


$99/mo  £79/mo 89€/mo $999/yr  £799/yr 900€/yr 200 Spaces

7 Spaces/mo

($133/£112/126€ value)


$149/mo  £119/mo 134€/mo $1499/yr  £1199/yr  1350€/yr 300 Spaces

11 Spaces/mo

($290/£176/198€ value)


Custom plans are available for enterprise customers with high-volume processing and hosting needs.

* This represents the amount of hosting included with your platform subscription, but you can host an unlimited number of Spaces in your account. Once you exceed the number of Spaces included in your plan, additional Spaces are automatically billed at a rate of $19/mo for every 50 Spaces over your included allowance.

** Free processing credits are usable with Pro and Pro2 Cameras only. Spaces that include data from a Pro2 Lite 3D Camera is billed at the Pro2 Lite processing rate, and free credits cannot be applied to these jobs. 



You can download additional assets from each Matterport Space you create. Some, such as 2D Snapshots, are completely free and unlimited. Others are offered at a small charge.

Add-on charges are billed at the beginning of each month, based on your activity in the previous month.

Product or Service Fee
Schematic Floor Plans US $14.99 per Schematic Floor Plan (15€ or £13)
MatterPak™ Bundle  US $49 per MatterPak Bundle (44€ or £39)
Additional Hosting Blocks

US$19/mo (18€/mo or £16/mo) for each block of 50 spaces over the hosting included in your plan.

Google Street View Publication* US $14.99 per space (15€ or £13). Unlimited edits and republishes for a specific given space (SID in Matterport).

*Currently available on non-residential properties only, subject to Google Street View's terms of service.

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