FAQ: Matterport Ecosystem

Read the original Ecosystem Introduction email from Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport, and learn more here.
Read our Service Partner-specific FAQ here.

General Questions

What is the Matterport Ecosystem?

The Matterport Ecosystem is a community of partner apps and services that are rapidly expanding the use cases for Matterport’s 3D media platform across vertical industries, consumer-facing experiences, and B2B workflows.

We believe that by building out the infrastructure for this ecosystem, we are making our platform, and the work of those who are capturing 3D content with Matterport, exponentially more valuable.

The infrastructure for the ecosystem does not grant Matterport the right to sell the 3D tours -- the original customer owns the copyright and is the only party that can sell the 3D tour. The Matterport Ecosystem grants Matterport a limited license to allow private authenticated use of the 3D models by or on behalf of property owners and residents. 


How does the Matterport Ecosystem benefit real estate professionals? 

Read this article to learn how the Matterport ecosystem benefits real estate agents and brokers. 


What features support the Matterport Ecosystem?

We are actively releasing user-facing features as well as back-end enhancements to optimize our platform to better integrate with custom third-party apps and services.

A few recent and upcoming releases to support the Ecosystem include:


  • 3D Showcase SDK limited release, enabling developers to build solutions on our platform, leveraging our infrastructure and 3D content
  • Syndication enablement to partners such as NYTimes.com and realtor.com
  • [Coming Soon] Model transfer between accounts, expanding the ability of different users to obtain and utilize their 3D content
  • [Coming Soon] Private, free end-user accounts allowing end-users of properties, such as owners or occupants, to host up to three Spaces in their own account for private use cases
  • [New] Leica® BLK360 beta, enabling third-party hardware to upload to the Matterport platform
  • Updated Cloud Subscription Agreement to enable seamless, private content sharing on behalf of property owners/occupants



Are there Matterport Ecosystem applications I can try?

There are currently native publication features that leverage Ecosystem partners and allow users to publish to Google Street View.


Since opening our SDK, over 200 independent developers have started building on our 3D Showcase SDK. All apps are still in private testing.


How can I start building my own app in the Matterport Ecosystem?

To learn about the 3D Showcase SDK and Virtual Reality SDK, and request access, go here.


How can I participate in the Ecosystem?

Content Creators - You already are! Whenever you set a Space to Public in your account, you ensure that your ultimate client, and/or the new property owner or occupant, can use the model for downstream use cases as they become available, and that your content is part of a global library that partners can build on.

Developers - Join our 3D Showcase SDK limited release. Learn more here.

3rd Party Services - If you currently offer services related to Matterport and wish to offer them to other users of our platform, go here.


What does the Ecosystem mean for the value of a 3D Space?

The ecosystem extends the life of every 3D Space beyond the initial reason for capturing the property - such as construction or purchase. For example, future owners can now be allowed to use an existing 3D Space of their own property as the basis for interior design, remodeling and renovations, or facilities management.

By enabling other businesses to use Matterport’s 3D library and platform, every 3D Space that is created will be even more valuable as a resource to future property owners for a variety of uses throughout the property lifecycle.

These uses may be enabled directly through Matterport or via third parties. Matterport will only ever distribute 3D Spaces in a private, authenticated way at the direct request of the current property owner or occupant.


Is every 3D Space Ecosystem-enabled?

Only Spaces that are, or have at one time, been marked Public, are available to downstream owners, or partners on their behalf, in a private, authenticated way.

If you have a Space that you wish to exclude from this type of distribution, simply keep it Private and it will never be shared.

Keep in mind, Matterport only retains a limited license to retrieve that content on behalf of the property owner. In most cases, this is the same entity that commissioned a property to be scanned in the first place.


Licensing, Privacy & Use

How are Spaces licensed in the Matterport Ecosystem?

Matterport’s Cloud Subscription Agreement provides a limited license to share Spaces in a private, authenticated manner with or on behalf of the current property owner or occupant. In many cases, this is the same entity that commissioned the 3D scan.


Can you provide a summary of changes made to the Cloud Subscription Terms of Service on February 21, 2018?

The following summarized changes were updated in Matterport’s Cloud Subscription Terms of Service:

  • Clarified certain provisions to address the use of authorized non-Matterport cameras and apps with the Matterport Cloud;
  • Clarified that Matterport may connect information Matterport has collected through the Matterport 3D Vision System with Spaces to identify the associated property;
  • Clarified the process for transferring customer copyrights to other Matterport Cloud subscribers and to non-subscribers;
  • Added the right of Matterport to create, host and distribute copies of public Spaces on a private, non-public basis at the request of property owners, managers or renters of the associated property, or at the request of providers of goods or services to those parties;
  • Clarified the scope of certain other rights of Matterport to use Spaces;
  • Created a new section governing the export from the Matterport Cloud of standard .obj export files, point cloud files, RCP files and other supported files; and
  • Implemented other minor revisions to clarify certain provisions.


Will Matterport or property owners be able to publicly use the content (e.g. for resale of a property)?

No. Matterport only retains a license for private, authenticated use by the verified property owner or occupant. Spaces distributed under this license cannot be used for public use (e.g. to market a property on public IDXs), unless an additional license is granted by the content creator.

Matterport and its partners will only make content available to the verified property owners or occupants of that property, or to third parties on their behalf.


How does Matterport verify that a property owner is truly the owner?

Matterport is working with partners on reliable ways to verify property ownership or occupancy, and will disclose such methods before they are put into use.

We are committed to your privacy and the privacy of your clients.


Who owns the copyright for a Matterport Space?

Copyright ownership is not changing. Copyright for any Matterport Space is automatically assigned to the account holder that the Space is uploaded into. Matterport does not hold the copyright to 3D content created by its customers, but it does retain a license to use the data in limited ways, such as for processing and hosting, and for use by approved third-party partners.


What if I have sensitive Spaces that I do not want to expose for licensing?

If your account includes sensitive Spaces which you do not want to share with Ecosystem partners, we recommend you set them to Private and share with your colleagues/clients by adding them as collaborators on their Spaces.


What if my home has already been enabled in the Ecosystem, but I want it taken down / opted out?

Home sellers who do not wish to share their content with the new property owner can issue a opt out / takedown request to remove it from the Ecosystem. Home owners can also select to opt a property out of the ecosystem. Go here to learn about that process.


Why would a home seller issue a takedown request?

If there are sensitive belongings in the scan of a property, sellers may not wish for that content to be distributed, even privately. In most cases, buyers have already seen the home in the same state it was scanned, so we expect this to be rare.


Does the new Cloud Subscription Agreement and license apply to all Spaces in my account, or only new ones?

All models that have at one point been set to Public will be available under the Ecosystem License, regardless of create date.

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