How To Transfer a Space Between Organizations

You can transfer spaces between Matterport organizations (different billing accounts). Transfer spaces is great for:

  • Service partners who have clients that want to host spaces in their own Matterport organization.
  • Service partners who do all post-processing internally before handing off the space to external clients.
  • Users who are members of multiple organizations and accidentally upload to the wrong organization.

Important Notes


If you just want someone else in your company or department to look at or edit a space, then add that person as a Collaborator. Next grant them view-only or editor status to a specific space.


For billing purposes, the space processing fee is incurred against the original owner (giver) of the space once the space is uploaded (Classic plans only). The transfer process from the giver to the receiver is free and does not cost anything to the giver or receiver.


Transferred spaces do count towards the hosting limit in the receiver’s account. Account Owners or Billing Contacts can check their current hosting at You can see all plans and upgrade. Learn more about Hosting Overages & Limits.


Once you transfer a space it will no longer be in your account, and you will lose control over the space in the future. For more information on legal ramifications, please read our Cloud Subscription Agreement.


Spaces can be transferred INTO a Free or Starter account from an account with a higher subscription (Professional, Professional Plus, etc). For example, a photographer with a Business subscription and a camera can capture the property and then upload to their account for processing. Later, the property owner can obtain a Free or Starter account to host the model over the long-term. Finally, the photographer would transfer the space from their Matterport account to the property owner's account. Transferring a space into a Free account will automatically set the space as private, since spaces in Free accounts cannot be publicly shared.

However, spaces cannot be transferred OUT of a Free or Starter account. This is to prevent abuse by users uploading to a Free account and transferring out to avoid processing fees.

If a Schematic Floor Plan or Matterpak Bundle was purchased for the space, those will need to be downloaded and sent to the new host separately before transferring. This is because Schematic Floor Plans and Matterpak Bundles are not available for purchase in Free and Starter plans.


An account must be active to be able to transfer a space. You cannot transfer a space out of a cancelled account. Reactivate the account to the minimum of Professional Monthly if needed to transfer. 


Space transfer works in three simple steps:

  1. The original owner (giver) initiates the transfer from Matterport Cloud ( Matterport Cloud sends an automated email notifying the intended recipient.
  2. The recipient open the email and logs in. They review details about the space and accept if desired.
  3. Matterport Cloud emails the giver notifying of a successful transfer.

Only admins can initiate a transfer (be the giver). However, the recipient can be any collaborator in the organization.

 NOTE: You can only transfer one space at a time.

Giver Starts the Space Transfer

Open Matterport Cloud ( Find and open the space you want to transfer.

You must be an Admin to transfer a space.


Open the menu and then click Transfer Space.

Enter the recipient’s email and then confirm you want to transfer.


The recipient will then receive an automated email from Matterport Cloud notifying them of the transfer request.

While the invite is still pending, anyone with Editor access can:

  1. Resend the invitation if the recipient missed the email.
  2. If you initiated the transfer to the wrong email, you can revoke your original invite by simply transferring the Space to the correct email. 

Recipient Accepts the Space

The receiver clicks the link in the automated email. They log in to Matterport Cloud ( if not already.

The receiver can then preview the space to check that they are willing to accept. Click Next to continue.


If the recipient is part of multiple Matterport organizations, they can choose which organization they want the space to go to.

Click Accept to finalize the transfer.


Matterport Cloud will then automatically email the giver notifying them of the successful space transfer.

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