FAQ: Matterport Pro2 Lite 3D Camera

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What are the main differences between the Pro2 Lite and the Pro2?
Compared to the Pro2, the Pro2 Lite camera has:
  • Less battery life — 4 hours of battery life, more than enough to scan 1 property a day
  • Different color — Grey instead of black
  • Lighter weight — 0.8 pound (0.3 kg) less weight than the Pro2
  • Lower initial investment — Only $2495 for the camera (2595€ or £2295)
  • Different pricing for Space processing
    • Standard Spaces (100 scans or fewer) are processed at a flat rate of $29 (€25 or £22) to process. (Models with over 100 scans will cost USD $58 per model (EUR €50, GBP £44) to process.)
    • Free processing credit cannot be applied to Pro2 Lite Spaces
    • Learn more below and visit buy.matterport.com.
What’s the same?
  • Operation — All operations (scanning, editingsharing) are exactly the same as the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera.
  • Outputs — 4K 3D walkthrough, unlimited HDR photography (up to 36MP), teaser videos, virtual reality, 360° snapshots, and all the rest are exactly the same quality as the Pro2.
  • Add-ons — Schematic Floor Plans, Matterpak Bundles, etc are exactly the same.

For more detail, please read the Matterport Pro2 Lite 3D Camera specifications.

Who is the Matterport Pro2 Lite 3D Camera intended for? Which one should I buy?
The Matterport Pro2 Lite 3D Camera is optimized for the following use cases:
  • Customers who need a lower upfront investment
  • Customers who do not expect to scan more than one property per day, and who do not have a need to scan larger properties (such as construction sites or event spaces)

The Pro2 Lite 3D Camera is not recommended for:

  • Architecture, construction, or engineering firms
  • Service providers
  • Brokerages

If you are a business/venue owner with only one or two properties to scan, or if you lack the time and want a full-service experience, or if you are unsure of the quality and business value that a Matterport Space can offer you, then hire a local Matterport Service Partner.

For an individual consultation on the best way to get Matterport for your business, please feel free to email or call our sales team. We’d be happy to find the right solution for you.

Can I add a Pro2 Lite to my existing Cloud Plan?
Yes! If you are an existing customer with an existing Cloud Plan, you can purchase a Pro2 Lite and use it with your existing Cloud Plan. Spaces created with the Pro2 Lite will be charged at at a flat rate of $29 (€25 or £22) to process.

Free processing credits will not apply to Pro2 Lite models.

Can I create a Space with scans from a Pro2 and a Pro2 Lite?
It is possible, though not recommended. You can use a Pro2 and Pro2 Lite interchangeably when scanning a single property. When you upload that data for processing, it will be charged at the Pro2 Lite processing rate if it contains at least one scan or 360˚ view from a Pro2 Lite Camera.

Note: While it is possible to create a model with scans from a Pro and Pro2 Lite, it is not recommended, as the visual quality of the Pro Camera is lower than that of the Pro2 Lite.

Why is the processing rate for the Pro2 Lite different?
We hear from many prospective customers that they would love to get a 3D Camera for their business, but the Pro2 Camera cost is still expensive. The Pro2 Lite offers a different cost structure for businesses that want to minimize their initial capital investment.

For customers who want to be efficient and scan lots of spaces from just one device/account, then the Pro2 3D Camera is the best option.

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