How do I show a Matterport Space when I give a presentation?

We suggest downloading the Space to an iPad beforehand to avoid technical difficulties while you are presenting.


I have an iPad and want to use the 3D Showcase iOS app

Download the 3D Showcase app for iOS to your iPad. This is different from the Matterport Capture app used to scan a place.

In the app, login to your Matterport Cloud account. 

Download the Spaces you want to share. Open and explore to make sure it looks good.

Get a Lightning to HDMI adapter.

During your presentation when it's time to show the Matterport Space, disconnect the HDMI cable from your computer and connect it to the adapter and then connect the adapter to your iPad.


I have an iPad and an Apple TV box

If the TV has an AppleTV box connected to it, you can also use AirPlay to mirror your iPad’s screen.

First turn on the TV and switch to the HDMI input with AppleTV.

On your iPad, open the 3D Showcase app for iOS. From the bottom of the screen, swipe up to open the Control Center.

Tap Air Play and then the name of the Apple TV box connected to the big screen.



I don’t have an iPad but I want to show a Matterport Space from my computer

Open the Matterport Spaces beforehand on a browser in your computer when you have a good internet connection. This can avoid loading time and an unstable internet.

Leave the browser tab open! Do not close the tab or your browser.

This solution relies on your browser's cache and on your computer's available memory, so it is not recommended for most use.

Switch to your presentation software and give your presentation as normal.

When it’s time to show the Matterport Space, exit your presentation and switch to the browser tab with the Matterport Space.

Switch to fullscreen for the maximum “wow” factor.

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