Make a Measurement

Open editing mode in 3D Showcase to easily measure an object or find a room’s dimensions.

Measurements are accurate to within 1%. Learn more.

Measurements ARE NOT visible in 3D Showcase. Measurements are only visible in Workshop and in Snapshots of Dollhouse/Floorplan where you enabled Assets.

Performance may be limited if you have 100 or more measurements in your space.


Measure an Object

First go to what you want to measure in Inside View.

Click the measure icon in the Workshop Toolbar.

You’ll notice the view change from Inside View (the panorama picture) to Mesh View (actual 3D depth geometry).

Click where you want to start measuring.

Next click the end of the measurement point. Your measurement will appear on screen.

Type the name of the measurement in the Asset Editor on the right. Click Done when finished.

To delete the measurement, first click it in the Measurements list in the left. Then click Delete in the bottom right of the Asset Editor. You can also click the trash icon below the measurement.

To change to metric, click the gear icon in the top-right to go to Workshop settings.


Find Room Dimensions

Follow these same steps but start in Floorplan View.

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