What is Quickstart?

What is Quickstart?

Quickstart lets you open a Space in 3D Showcase almost immediately (up to 3 times faster than before).

How do I enable Quickstart?

Quickstart is disabled by default.

To enable it add the URL parameter &qs=1 to the end of any shared or embedded link.


Learn more about URL parameters.

Should I use Quickstart?

Visitors to your Space will have a different experience depending on whether you enable or disable quick start. While loading time is important it is just one part of the user experience in 3D Showcase. 


  • Quickly engage customers who are sensitive to load time
  • Loads large Spaces significantly quicker

Potential Drawbacks

  • Initial Dollhouse and fly-in to Inside View (a potential "wow" factor) no longer present -- sacrificed for quicker loading
  • Possible that the Matterport Space can appear like a static photo and not something interactive
  • Help menu will not display -- users can call it from the footer


Compare the following two experiences:

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