How do I transfer a Space to another organization's account?

Generally we do not allow Spaces to be transferred between two organization's accounts.

We recommend checking the email that you're logged into on the Matterport Capture app BEFORE you upload to Matterport Cloud.

If you're a frequent scanner for many different people, you can be even more careful by having a special iPad designated for each Matterport Cloud login. Then use different color iPad cases to make it even more clear.


Contact Support

If you really need to transfer Spaces between separate accounts (for billing purposes):

  1. Email from an Admin Collaborator email from the account the Space(s) currently resides in. This email serves as authentication that you own the Space(s) and you want to transfer them.
    • Provide the URL(s) of the Space(s) to transfer
    • CC the email of the new owner 
  2. The new owner must reply on that email thread saying they are willing to accept the transfer of that Space(s) including responsibility for hosting and any related processing charges.
  3. Matterport will transfer the Space(s) to the new owner.
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