FAQ: Matterport Scenes

Do you have any best practices for scanning?
Read our scanning article for a list of best practices.
How fast should I scan?

Scan at a slow and steady rate.

  • Don't get too close -- it's not a microscope.
  • Don't scan too fast -- it's not a video camera.
How much disk space does a model take on the phone?
For rough estimates, a room that is around 100 ft² (10 m²) will take around 1 GB of disk space on your smartphone. A chair that has been trimmed will take around 100 MB.

When shared with other Matterport Scenes devices, the model is compressed and stripped to be only around 40 to 50 MB size.

For ease of use we recommend using a smartphone with at least 64 GB of total space.

There's a problem with X
Please check the "Known Issues" article first. If it's not there, please email scenes@matterport.com
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