What makes a good Guided Tour?

The quality of your Guided Tour is a function of:

The property itself

Wide open areas such as living rooms lead to a better experience. Narrow, cramped houses and hallways can feel claustrophobic. 

The scans taken during the capture process

Staging of the property and choice of scan positions. 

Snapshots can only come from scan positions (where the camera was placed while scanning). If you still have the model on your iPad you can return to the property and take more scans.

Be sure to refer to our Scanning Best Practices and our complete Scan a Space User Guide.

The choice of snapshots and editing in Workshop

Where you take a Snapshot, at what angle, and the order of the snapshots.

By choosing the right snapshots and in the right order, you can have a great experience. Learn more about best practices for creating Guided Tours.

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