Choose 2D Snapshot Size & Printing Information

When you download multiple 2D snapshots from Matterport Cloud you can choose from three size options.

Download Size Pixels File Size
Web Ready
Medium size images appropriate for websites
1280 x 720 Around 150 KB
Presentation Ready
Higher resolution images appropriate for all digital uses
1920 x 1080 Around 200 KB
Maximum Pixels
Maximum resolution for use in printed materials*
From 1920 x 1080
to 8092 x 4552**
From 300 KB
to 5 MB

* For Maximum Pixels, the actual resolution depends on the zoom level when the snapshot was taken. Zooming out will increase the resolution and increase the file size. Zooming in will lower the resolution and lower the file size.

** 3D models older than summer of 2016 without zoom will have lower maximum resolution. In addition, snapshots from models scanned with the Matterport Pro 3D Camera can reach a maximum of 2832 x 1593 pixels.

This size guide is for reference only.


Printing Information

We encourage you to take 2D snapshots from your Matterport models, download them to your computer, and use them in your printed materials.

For most use cases, it's simple enough to print out your snapshots directly. However, if you want the highest quality printed materials, then keep reading.

The default value for snapshots is 72 DPI. All of our snapshots are printable at 300 dpi (dots per inch). This DPI level is great quality and is most common in marketing collateral such as printed flyers, direct mailings, and similar. Depending on your target media (bus ad, billboard, etc), a different DPI might be more appropriate. For example, a typical home printer prints at 170 DPI. 

For more information please discuss the details with the
professional printing company that will create your materials.


Preset Image Sizes

The zoom level when you take the snapshot in Workshop will determine how big the final printed image can be yet still be printable at 300 dpi. 

Download Size in Pixels Zoom Level Print Size at 300 dpi
8092 x 4552 70% 26.9” x 15.2” (68.3 cm x 38.6 cm)
5664 x 3186 100% 18.9” x 10.6” (48.0 cm x 26.9 cm)
2832 x 1593 200% 9.4” x 5.3” (23.9 cm x 13.5 cm)
1888 x 1062 300% 6.3” x 3.5” (16.0 cm x 8.89 cm) 
  • This only applies to 2D snapshots from Matterport models scanned with the Matterport Pro2 and Pro2 Lite 3D Camera.
  • Be sure to select Maximum Pixels when you download the snapshots.
  • See a calculator to help you convert from printed image size to screen resolution.
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