Edit Details (Metadata)

Click on the Details tab on the space detail page. Everything in the Public Details tab can be seen by the public in 3D Showcase. This information will appear in the About panel in top-left corner of 3D Showcase. The About panel is a great way for the audience to identify the 3D model and reach out to you for more information.

Information in the Internal Details section is only visible within Matterport Cloud.


You can change the visibility of your address in 3D Showcase so it shows either:

  • Full address
  • City, State, Zip Code, & Country
  • No address shown

This allows you to track a model's address internally but limit its public visibility. The default value is the full address.


Character limits for each public section are:

Presented by=50
Contact name=50

Character limits for each internal section are:

Internal ID = 60
MLS listing ID = 60
MLS name = 40
Description = 340

If you use the URL parameters &brand=0 (unbranded) or &mls=1 (MLS-friendly), 3D Showcase will show the full address, but won't show the name or email.

Add "Presented By" to your tour

If you're showing a property on behalf of a company, you may want to include "Presented By" info - this will appear over top of the model before users hit the "Play" button. Click the "Details" tab,  look for the "Presented By" section, fill it out, then press "Save". 


Save and then play the 3D Showcase. You will notice your company name  below "Presented By".

Below Internal Details you can Enable or Disable both VR Sharing and Social Sharing.

For more information on Social Sharing, click here


Usage Tab

If you have an internal ID, and purchase an add-on, you can also view the Internal ID on the usage tab as shown in the image below.


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