With Matterport Scenes You Can

  • Capture a 3D scan of a space or object
    • Scan a room, chair, or a person
  • Trim to isolate an object of interest
    • Take a 3D chair or flower arrangement with you
  • Make measurements 
    • How high is the ceiling? How wide is that cabinet?
    • Take the 3D model with you and make measurements AFTER leaving the site
  • Share your measurements and scenes with others
    •  Send scans from the construction site to your builder or architect


How it Works

When you scan a space with Matterport Scenes you create a point cloud representation of the scene. 

The point cloud is rendered as colored circles that when viewed together give the appearance of surfaces.

The result is an accurate model of a space and the objects in it.

Scenes are accurate to ± 1 in (± 2.5 cm). Accuracy declines as distance from the device increases.
Measurements are rounded off to the nearest inch or centimeter. For greater accuracy please use a tape measure or laser measure.



Matterport Scenes is only supported for the Lenovo Phab2 Pro with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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