Download a 2D Snapshot

You can download 2D Snapshots from either Cloud or Workshop

First launch Workshop and take some Snapshots.

Download a Single Snapshot

Open the Space Detail Page for the Space in Matterport Cloud.

Your Snapshots appear in the Photos section under Media.

Click the download icon on the upper right corner the Snapshot image. 


For a single Snapshot, Matterport will use the image size specified in Workshop settings.

You can also download a Snapshot from Workshop.

In the Assets Menu on the left, open the Snapshots list. 

Click on the Snapshot to open the Asset Editor on the left. Click Download Image.



Download Multiple Snapshots

Once you select one Snapshot by clicking in the circle located at the top right corner of the image, you then have the option to Select All. 

Click the Download button in the top right once you've selected the Snapshots you want. 

You can also click Download All to get all your Snapshots.


Click Accept.

You will receive an email with a download link to your files. Check your spam folder if you haven't received an email within 30 minutes.



File Format

Snapshots are in JPG format (same as JPEG).

Use your favorite image editing program to convert into a PNG or another file type.

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