Add a Link to a Mattertag™ Post (🎞 Video 📄 PDF)


You can now add links to your Mattertag™ Posts!

For example, visitors to your Matterport Space can:

  • See a painting they like and go to the artist’s webpage
  • See an appliance they like and go to the department store website to buy it
  • Go to another related Matterport Space
  • Download a PDF with more info about the Space

Download the attachment at the end of the article for more ideas on how links in Mattertag Posts can enrich your Matterport Space and engage with your target market.


How to Add a Link

First open Matterport Workshop and add a Mattertag Post to your Space.

Click the Mattertag Post in the Viewport to open the Asset Editor on the right.

Write a description in the Details section.

Highlight the words you want to become a link and click the link icon. If you are using Chrome, double-click on the words or the Shift + Arrow keys to highlight a word.

Copy and paste your link (or type) into the URL field and click OK. Click Done at the bottom of the Asset Editor.

To delete a link, simply highlight the text in the Details pane and then hit Delete on your keyboard. Click Done at the bottom of the Asset Editor.

Click Publish at the upper right corner of Workshop to save your changes.

Open your Matterport Space with 3D Showcase to test your links.


Control Link Behavior

Use URL parameters to control the behavior of links in Mattertag Posts within 3D Showcase.

Open in a new tab

By default links will open a new browser window. Add the URL parameter &nt=1 to force links to open a new tab in the same browser window. Only applicable for mobile devices.

Hide links

Hide links within your Space by adding the URL parameter &mls=1 to the end of the URL. This lets you stay in compliance with MLS or other branding rules.


  • Links cannot be added to the title field.
  • The text to display for the link does count for the 105 character limit in the Details section.
  • There is a limit of 5 total links per Mattertag Post.
  • Links in the beta format [Text](URL) will automatically convert to the new format in both Workshop & Showcase. Beta users will NOT have to update their old links.
  • Only links that start with http:// and https:// will work. Other link styles such as ftp:// and mailto: will NOT work.
  • The maximum length for a URL is 2048 characters.
  • Deep links (links to specific spots within another Matterport Space with U key) do not count to the length limit. See an example.
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