How do I enable/disable VR and the VR button?

You can set virtual reality sharing preferences at the account level and at the individual Space level. By default all VR is set to enabled.


Set Default VR Sharing for the Entire Account

To enable or disable VR for all Spaces in your account, first open Click the blue pencil icon in the Sharing section (you must be an account administrator). Change whether you want VR sharing enabled or disabled by default.


Set VR Sharing for an Individual Space

You can override the default for an individual Space on the Space Details Page.

In the Sharing column on the right, first make sure your Space is set to Public. Next open the VR Link section. Change the settings to enable or disable as desired. 

Select Default to return to the account default.


Change Visibility of the VR button in 3D Showcase

If you want to enable VR but disable the VR button in 3D Showcase, add an extra URL parameter when you embed the Space in your website. Refer to the Icon Visiblity section in the VR button article.

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