Why don’t I see a VR sharing link for my Space?

Check the Space Details Page to make sure the link is public and enabled.

Spaces created before February 2015 may not be supported by CoreVR. Older Matterport Spaces may need to be reprocessed by our support team. Rarely, we may not be able to reprocess a Space. Check with our support team if you have any questions.


What exactly is CoreVR?

CoreVR uses monoscopic views and instant transitions to provide the smoothest VR experience possible. Learn more about transitions and depth in virtual reality.


What’s different about CustomVR?

Automatic conversion of your Matterport Space to VR is easy and fast with CoreVR. CustomVR conversion is manual by a 3D artist and can take up to two weeks.

With CustomVR, your VR Space may support both* stereoscopic and monoscopic views, plus both fly-through and instant transitions. These settings can be changed by users in the Options menu of the Matterport VR app.

The cost of a CustomVR conversion is based on the size (square footage) of the space. To order or learn more please email

*Stereoscopic views and fly-through transitions may not be available for all Spaces.


Should I use CoreVR or CustomVR?

For the vast majority of Matterport Spaces, CoreVR is a high-quality and seamless experience. Check it out in CoreVR before considering CustomVR.

To see how the same VR Space looks in both CoreVR and CustomVR, scan the following QR codes with your smartphone and explore.

Hawaiian Oceanside Villa

Hawaiian Oceanside Villa

If you want to compare, we recommend using a Samsung Gear VR. Open the Options menu in the Matterport VR app and make sure Automatic Settings is set to ON. 

If using Google Cardboard to compare, then override the default settings so Force Monoscopic is OFF and No-Motion Mode is OFF.


Can I add music to my VR Space?

Background music is not supported within the Matterport VR app. However you can achieve the same effect by multitasking on your smartphone.

  1. Play an music file on your smartphone. Set it to repeat (loop). 
  2. Connect headphones for a full, immersive feeling.
  3. Insert the phone into the headset, launch the Matterport VR app, and open the VR Space.


Can I view Mattertag™ Posts in VR?

Sorry, you currently can't see Mattertag Posts in VR. We're working on this feature right now, so stay tuned!

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