What is the VR Button on 3D Showcase?

The easiest way to open a Matterport VR Space is with the VR button on 3D Showcase. Matterport includes this button automatically  no extra work necessary.


Just tap the VR button, choose your platform (stream VR Space online or download locally to your Matterport VR app), insert into VR headset, and enjoy the VR Space!



Change Button Visibility

By default, the VR button is always visible. If the button is not visible, this can be because:

  • There is no VR version of the Space
  • VR link sharing for that Space is not enabled
  • The button's visibility has been changed so it is only visible on Android
  • The button's visibility has been changed so it is not visible at all

To change the button's visibility add an extra URL parameter when you embed the Space in your website.

&vr=1 Show VR button on all platforms, even unsupported platforms. Default. Unsupported platforms will show contextual help (see picture in previous section).
&vr=2 Show VR button only on supported Android devices
&vr=0 Disable the VR button

Learn more about using URL parameters and embedding a Space in your website.


Limit Matterport VR App to Just Your Spaces

By default, when a user opens a VR Space the Matterport VR App keeps it in the Shared with Me folder. 

This means once the user is done with your Space they might select BACK and visit other spaces in the VR Gallery.

You can also limit the Matterport VR app so it will only allow users to visit your VR Space. This way the user cannot view other VR Spaces before returning to your website. This has the side effect that the space will not be viewable later in the Shared With Me folder.

To change access to other Spaces add an extra URL parameter when embedding.

&vrcoll=0 Open in "Shared with Me" within the Matterport VR app (default)
&vrcoll=1 Limit Matterport VR app to only this Space
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