Edit your VR Space in Workshop (🎞 Video)



Review the VR Experience

Before you edit the VR Space, review how it looks in VR now. 

Check that your VR space is public and enabled for VR and then open it on your Cardboard or Gear VR. Look for areas that have:

  • Too many blue circles
    • Too many circles can clutter the view and make navigation difficult and confusing.
  • Very small blue circles
    • Small circles mean these scans are far away. So selecting these circles is difficult.
  • Ugly or inappropriate visuals
    • You scanned a bathroom or broom closet, but you don’t want it to be visible in VR.
  • Pretty yet inaccessible visuals
    • Consider a museum or a church. You may have scanned in front of a nice painting, but the default VR path may have hidden that scan.
We do not recommend editing a Space that was converted with CustomVR.


Hide Scans in VR 

First open the Space in Workshop. Switch to Floorplan View.

For Spaces with multiple floors, edit a single floor at a time.  

Click the Edit VR button in the Workshop Toolbar.

Your scan positions will appear as blue and white circles.

 Blue circles are:

  • Visible in VR
  • Visible in Showcase

 White circles are:

  • Hidden in VR
  • Visible in Showcase

If you don’t see a scan position here then it is disabled for Showcase. Click the Edit VR button to exit Workshop VR. Then enable that scan position in 3D Showcase.

Together the blue circles form a “constellation”. A link between two blue circles means you can navigate between these two positions while in VR.

Navigation in VR requires a “line-of-sight” between your current position and the next position. Links in the constellation are representative, but not complete, of a line-of-sight between the two circles.

Some guidelines for a great VR experience:

  • A blue circle in every room you want people to see.
  • Blue circles that are not too far from each other for natural transitions.
  • No blue circles next to walls.

Disable a spot for VR by hovering over it and clicking Hide.

This will turn a blue circle white.

Enable a spot for VR by hovering over it and clicking Show.

This will turn a white circle blue.


You can also hold the Ctrl key and click on the scan position to quickly toggle on or off.

If you disable a scan in the center of the constellation then you may isolate a set of scans in one room.

This can turn a single constellation into two or more constellations. This is NOT good for your users since it means they will not be able to explore the entire VR Space.

You’ll notice this because one constellation will turn red and a notification will appear in the top-left.

To fix the problem of two constellations, simply enable more scan positions to combine them into a big constellation.

You can also reset to the original configuration by pressing the button on the bottom right.



Set Start Position

By default the Start Position in VR is the same as your Start Position in 3D Showcase. 

Learn how to set your Start Position in Showcase.

Sometimes your Start Position in 3D Showcase and VR are different. This can be because: 

  • Your Start Position in 3D Showcase is a 360Âș View, Dollhouse View, or Floorplan View, and so is not visible in VR
  • The scan is visible in 3D Showcase but disabled for VR (white circle in Workshop)

If this is the case then Workshop will choose a random spot in the constellation as the VR start position.

Usually this works fine, but for more control you can change your Start Position in 3D Showcase to a spot in Inside View.



Click Publish in the top right corner of Workshop to apply your changes.


Review in VR

As a final check, open the VR Space again and explore.

Open the Matterport VR app in Cardboard or Gear VR and go to Shared with Me folder.

Open the VR Space you just edited in Workshop.

Select the Update icon to download the new changes you just made.

Explore the VR experience and make sure you addressed everything you saw when you first opened the VR Space.

If necessary, return to Workshop and make additional changes.

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