How do I share a Collection of VR Spaces?

What is a Collection?

Collection is a group of several VR Spaces you can share all at once.

One advantage to a Collection is that several VR Spaces load in the Matterport VR app at once — no need to take the headset on and off to scan multiple QR codes.


Create a Collection

Creating a Collection is easy. Just fill out a form at This produces a link and QR Code you can distribute.

Collections can also be built by code (URL parameters). For example, a user visits your website and creates a list of their “favorite places.” You can easily write code on your servers to create a Collection of VR Spaces from this list. Users then tap a link or scan a QR code to explore all their favorites in VR.


URL Parameters for Collections

To create a Collection just build a URL. Here's an example URL:,nsBwE4W4WW8,1vpLu8nVR3r&ln=Collection+Title&ld=Collection+description+goes+here%2E&ret=https%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ematterport%2Ecom

The URL base for all Collections is

The first parameter lists all the Space IDs for the VR Spaces in the Collection.


Other parameters can be added to the end of the URL. For example &ln=Collection+Title to name your Collection. Remember to use URL encoding if you have punctuation marks within the values for your URL parameters.

Name Parameter Required? Description

Space IDs (sid)



VR Spaces in this Collection.

To find the Space ID for a given Space, first open it in Matterport Cloud. Then pull out the string at the end of the end of the URL. For example,

Collection Name



Name of the Collection.

Defaults to "Untitled" if not specified. Collection names longer than 25 characters may be truncated.

Collection Description



Description of the Collection.

Defaults to blank if not specified. Long descriptions may require scrolling in the Collection.

Return URL



The callback URL to invoke when the user exits the Matterport VR app. The following parameters are also added to the end of the URL:

  • mp_vr_referrer - The application ID of the Matterport VR app (com.matterport.vrshowcase or com.matterport.vrcardboard).
  • mp_vr_referrer_name - The name of the Matterport VR app for the operating system.
  • mp_vr_originating_uri - The original link.

You can then interpret the callback URL however you want within your website/app.

This parameter can also be appended to the URL for a specific VR Space.

Launch this Space



Skip the Collection description and immediately show detail panel for this Space.

lsid must be one of the Spaces in the sids parameter.

If the user enabled Auto Download Links in the Matterport VR options, the Space will automatically download.

For example, &lsid=1vpLu8nVR3r would launch the Space details panel for Blenheim Palace State Room.

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