Update Firmware on Your Matterport Camera

What is firmware?

Firmware is low-level software inside the Matterport Pro or Pro2 3D Camera to manage the hardware components. Firmware updates are important to improve visual quality and accuracy.

Updates are easy and fast to install. The Matterport Capture app will notify you when a firmware update is available.

Update your camera's firmware 

  1. Connect your iOS device to your external WiFi network. 
  2. Open the Matterport Capture app on your iOS device.  
  3. Tap "Sign In". 
    • If there is a firmware update available, the app will begin downloading it in the background automatically. 
  4. Connect to your camera's WiFi network. 
  5. Once connected, access the side menu in Matterport Capture. 
  6. Tap "Storage & Firmware". capture-side-menu.png
    • This will show you all cameras you've connected to, represented by each camera's unique serial number. 
    • Next to the serial number, take note of the firmware version number associated with each of the cameras.  camera-firmware-menu.png
    • In the example above, the P771 camera needs a firmware update. 
  7. Tap "Update" to start the process. 
  8. You will be prompted to read a short description, then confirm the update by hitting the "Update Camera" button.confirm-firmware-update.png
  9. Matterport Capture will begin transferring, verifying, and applying the update. 
  10. Check that installation is complete. 
    • You will be able to tell the update has been applied when the orange WiFi light starts blinking - this light is located on the back of your Matterport Pro 2 camera. 
  11. Reconnect to the camera's WiFi to restart the connection and complete installation. 
  12. Double check the camera's firmware menu. 
    • Re-open Matterport capture - ensure there's a green check next to your firmware update. This indicates you are using the most recent version. 

How to delete firmware updates

  1. Follow steps 1-6, above. 
  2. Find the firmware you want to delete from your iOS device. 
  3. Swipe left on the firmware's button to access a "Delete" button. 
  4. Tap "Delete" to remove the firmware. 
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