Update Firmware on Your Matterport Camera

What is firmware?

Firmware is low-level software inside the Matterport Pro or Pro2 3D Camera to manage the hardware components. Firmware updates are important to improve visual quality and accuracy.

Updates are easy and fast to install. The Matterport Capture app will notify you when a firmware update is available.


Update your Camera's Firmware

Connect your iPad to the normal internet (an external WiFi network). Open the Matterport Capture app. In the side menu, login to Matterport Cloud.

Use your my.matterport.com account (not your buy.matterport.com account).


If a firmware update is available the app will silently download in the background.

Next, connect to the Matterport camera's WiFi network. Learn how. Open the side menu in Matterport Capture. Tap the Camera Firmware option.


You'll see the serial numbers of all cameras you have ever connected to.

Next to the serial number you'll also see the firmware version number that's currently installed on that camera.


Currently we are connected over WiFi to the P771 camera, and it needs a firmware update. Tap Update to start the update process.


Read the description and then tap Update Camera to confirm installation. Matterport Capture will go through a series of transferring, verifying, and applying the update.

When installation is complete, the orange WiFi light will blink. This light is located on the back of the Matterport camera. Reconnect to the camera's WiFi network to complete installation.

Check the Camera Firmware menu on Matterport Capture again. The green check indicates you are using the most recent firmware version.


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