How do I share a VR Space?

Sharing is even easier with the VR button on 3D Showcase. This article explains how to manually share a VR Space by link or QR code.


Set Matterport Space to Public

Login to and open the Space you want to share.

On the Space Detail Page look for Sharing on the right. Make sure the Space is set to Public.

Open the VR Link drop down menu. Make sure the account default is Enabled. Or select Enable to override the default and enable VR for this Space only.

A Space set to Public and VR enabled is accessible to anyone. However, the Space is not publicly searchable anywhere. Only people you share the link with know the Space exists.

A Space set to Private cannot be downloaded to a smartphone. However, previously downloaded Spaces are still accessible if the phone goes offline. When the phone comes back online (connects to internet) then access will be disabled.


Share a Link or QR Code

Copy and paste the VR link to your website or an email. Make sure your audience is ready for VR before sharing.

Your audience has to tap the link with their smartphone. This way the App Chooser Menu will appear.

Another method is to create a QR Code you can download and put on printed materials. Your audience will use their smartphone to scan the QR code and open the link.


To make a QR Code, first copy the VR link. Next open a new browser tab and find a QR code generator online. Paste the VR link and then create the QR code.


Set Default VR Sharing for all Spaces


In the Sharing section click the blue pencil (you must be a Matterport Cloud administrator). 

Change whether you want VR sharing to be enabled or disabled by default.

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