FAQ: 360º Views

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I captured 360° Views but I can’t upload my model.
You need at least one 3D Scan as part of your model. Models with only 360º Views cannot upload. Capture one 3D scan and upload again.

If you wish to use Matterport as a pure slideshow of 360º panoramas instead of as a connected 3D virtual tour (as intended), then disable the Dollhouse button and create a Highlight Reel.

Can I take a 3D Scan and 360° View at the same time?
No, these scans must be done separately. However, if you attempt a 3D scan in bright sunlit area you may get an alignment error. You can then choose to keep the 2D imagery as a 360° View without having to scan again.
Can I see where 360° Views are located on the preview of the 3D Space?
No, 360º Views do not have 3D data and so are not shown on the preview. You can view a preview of the 360 panorama on the 360° View tab in Capture.
Can I add a 360º View to an existing Space?
Yes! As long as you still have the model on your iPad, just open it, tap 360º View and scan! Remember you have to upload the space again.

When you upload again, this will become a new Space within Matterport Cloud. The sharing URL and any edits within Matterport Workshop will have to be redone.

Can I see blur faces in 360º View?
Yes! If you enable Blur Faces in Capture App while scanning, 360° View will have blur faces in the Matterport space.


Include & Edit

Can I add Mattertag™ Posts, measurements, or labels to 360° Views?
Mattertag Posts, measurements, and labels are connected to a 3D mesh, so they cannot be added to 360° Views.
Can I rename my 360° Views in Workshop? 
You can only rename 360° Views in Capture. This helps you track what you have already captured. You can rename Snapshots taken from 360° Views in Workshop to include in your Highlight Reel.
Can I download a 360º View?
Yes, you can download a 360º View by selecting Take a 360º snapshot in the top right options when taking a snapshot. It transforms from a 360º, sphere-based image to a flat 2D image.


Navigate & View

I’m stuck in a 360° View! What do I do?
If you are in a 360° View, you can:
  • Enter the 3D Space by clicking or tapping the Inside View icon
  • Enter the 3D Space by clicking or tapping the Dollhouse View icon, then entering the Space
  • Use the Tour Controls to play the Guided Tour
  • Click on a Highlight to move to another 360° View or inside the Space
Can I navigate from one 360° View to another or from a 360° View to the 3D Space?
360° View Placement will allow 360° View to 360° View navigation or 360° View to 3D Space navigation. You can also use the Highlight Reel and Guided Tour to guide your viewers through the Space.
Are 360° Views included in the Dollhouse View?
The Dollhouse View will show 360° Views placed on the outside of the Dollhouse with 360° View Placement.
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