FAQ: 360º Views

Before you Begin  

There is a video component associated with this subject that can answer a ton of basic questions - reference this 360° Views and Highlight Reel How article and video to to learn more.

Capture FAQs 

I captured 360° Views in the Capture app - why can't I upload my model?

You must have at least one 3D scan as part of your model in order to upload. Models with only 360° Views cannot upload. Capture at least one 3D scan and try uploading again.

Can I take a 3D Scan and 360° View at the same time? 

No - these are two entirely different methods of photography, so they must be taken separately. There are, however, certain caveats - if you attempt to take a 3D scan in broad daylight, for example, you may get an alignment error. If this happens, you can choose to keep the 2D imagery from the scan and use it as a 360° View without having to scan again.


Can I add a 360° View to an existing Space? 

Yes - so long as the model is still saved on your iPad or iPhone. Open the model and tap on the 360° View button to access your 360° Snapshots, then drag them onto the corresponding area in the model. Then upload the space again.

Each time you upload a space (even if it's being uploaded again), it will become a brand new SID (space ID), and thus an entirely different URL. The sharing URL and any edits that were made inside Matterport's Editor will have to be redone.

Can I blur faces in 360° View? 

Yes - enable "Blur Faces" in the Capture App while scanning.


Include and Edit FAQs

Can I add Mattertag Posts, measurements, or labels to 360° Views?

Because Mattertag Posts, measurements and labels are made using the 3D mesh, they cannot be added to 360° Views.

Can I rename my 360° Views in the Matterport Editor? rename.png

Yes - open your 360° Views in Editor, click the ellipses icon, then click "Rename".  

Can I download a 360° View? 

Screen_Shot_2019-06-26_at_2.29.35_PM.pngYou can easily download your 360° Views - in Matterport's Edit Mode, click the Photos iconphotosicon.png in the Media tab to the left. Find the 360° Snapshot you want to download and hit the blue arrow to download. 

Because the image is being transformed from a spherical, three dimensional snap shot to a 2D image, you will notice some warping in the image, as shown below. This is normal and as expected - you can always view the full 360° in the Matterport Showcase app.  Screen_Shot_2019-06-26_at_2.34.21_PM.png

Navigate and View FAQ 

I'm stuck in a 360° View! What do I do? 

To get out of the 360° View mode, try the following. 

Enter the 3D Space by clicking or tapping the "Explore 3D Space" icon.


Enter the 3D Space by clicking or tapping the "Dollhouse View" icon.


Use the Tour Controls to play the Guided Tour.


Click on different Highlights to move to another 360° View or area in the Space.


Can I navigate from one 360° View to another? Can I navigate from a 360° View to 3D Space?

Properly placing your 360° View will allow you to move from one 360° View to another, or from one 360° View to 3D Space. Additionally, makes sure to use the Highlight Reel and Guided Tour features to guide your viewers through the Space.

Can I include 360° Views with Dollhouse View? 

Yes - you can drag 360° Snapshots onto the Dollhouse map

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