Navigating 360º Views in the Highlight Reel

In 3D Showcase go to a 360° View by clicking the thumbnail in Highlight Reel.

If you are in a 360° View, go to another 360° View or enter the 3D Space one of these ways:

  1. Go to Inside View — Click the Inside View Icon to go to the 3D Space. You will start at the last scan position visited (or a randomly chosen position if this is the first visit).
  2. Go to Dollhouse View — Click the dollhouse icon to enter the Dollhouse View* or Floorplan View*. Then click to move to any position in Inside View.
  3. Use the Tour Controls — Click Next, Play, or Previous to go through the Guided Tour*.
  4. Select a Highlight —Click the Highlight Reel* to go to another 360° View or 3D Scan.

* These modes must be enabled

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