Include 360º Views in your Space

After capturing some 360º Views, now it's time to add them to your Matterport Space.

First, did you upload to the cloud yet?

Use Matterport Workshop to:

  • See your 360º Views
  • Take a Snapshot of a 360º View
  • Add that Snapshot to the Highlight Reel
  • Set a 360º View as your Start Position


See your 360º Views

In Matterport Workshop your 360° Views are located in the 3D Scans & 360º Views menu on the left.  


Tap the triangle next to 3D Scans to hide the long list of 3D scans.

Double click a 360º View to show it in the Viewport.

Pan the view (click and hold then move your mouse) to look around.

You can specify names for 360º Views from the Matterport Capture app. These are simple names just to help you identify what you scanned.

These names will NOT appear in 3D Showcase. Instead, take a Snapshot of a 360º View and rename the Snapshot. This Snapshot names will appear in 3D Showcase in the Highlight Reel.


Take a Snapshot of a 360º View

First open a 360° View. Change the view (pan around) as desired. Take a Snapshot by clicking Snapshot in the toolbar. 


Next click the Capture button.

Make sure you've selected 2D Snapshot (flat photo icon) in the top-right corner. The other icon is for 360º Snapshots  single panoramas for social sharing.


Click Done to reopen the left-hand menu. Repeat this process for all 360º Views you want to include.

You cannot take a Snapshot of a disabled 360º View. Go to the 3D Scans & 360º Views menu and find the 360º View that was disabled (with the eye icon). Click the Show link to enable this 360º View so you can take a Snapshot.


Rename your Snapshot

In the Assets menu on the left, click your Snapshot to open it in the Asset Editor on the right-hand side.

Give your Snapshot a good name and click Done.


Add Snapshot to the Highlight Reel

Drag your Snapshots to the bottom to add them to the Highlight Reel.

The icon in the top left corner shows if the Snapshot shows is from a 360° View or a 3D Scan.

Remember to set your Tour Type (transitions) to Slideshow or Walkthrough as desired. 

Transitions between two 360° Views and between a 360° View and a 3D Scan are always Slideshow (fade to black).

You MUST include a Snapshot from a 3D Scan, Dollhouse View, or Floorplan View as part of your Highlight Reel. This is to avoid a visitor to your space getting stuck in a 360º View. See screenshot above.

Currently you must use the Highlight Reel to navigate between 360º Views and 3D Scans.


Set a 360º View as your Start Position

You can also set a 360° View as your Start Position the same way you would for a 3D Scan.

The easiest way to do this is to take a Snapshot first. Next, open the Snapshot from the Assets menu. In the Asset Editor on the righthand side, click Set Start Position.

Another option is to open a 360° View and pan to the view you want as your Start Position. Go to the Assets menu on the left hand side. Click Start Position and then the orange button Set/Update Start Position.

If you set a 360° View as your Start Position, we strongly recommend creating a Highlight Reel with a 3D Scan, Dollhouse View, or Floor Plan View. We also recommend turning Dollhouse View on. This helps a user more easily enter the Space from the Start Position.
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