Manage 360º Views & Upload

Manage 360º Views within Capture App

After you take a 360° View, the camera transfers the data to your iPad.

In the main pane on the right you’ll see thumbnail previews of all your 360° Views.

Tap a thumbnail to view a large preview of your 360º View.

Swipe left or right on the preview (“scroll through the image”) to see everything that was captured. You can also swipe left and right directly on the thumbnail.

The imagery you see within Matterport Capture are previews only and may contain distortions and artifacts. These are fixed as part of processing when you upload to Matterport Cloud.

Rename a 360° View to easily identify it to others.

  1. Tap the thumbnail to open the 360º View.
  2. Tap Rename View.
  3. Enter the new name and tap Save.

Delete a 360° View that you don't like.

  1. Tap the thumbnail to open the 360º View.
  2. Tap Delete View.
  3. Confirm.


Upload 360º Views to Matterport Cloud

Your 360° Views are automatically included with your 3D scans when you upload the model to Matterport Cloud.

You need to have at least one 3D Scan as part of the model before you can upload.

Learn more about how to include them with the rest of your Matterport Space.

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