Capture a 360° View

Take 360° Views at any time while you are scanning a space.

360º Views requires the latest version of the Matterport Capture app, if the 360 View button is not available. You will need to update the app if you have already downloaded it.
Remember to arrange the space exactly as you want it to appear. Avoid capturing moving objects such as cars, pets, and people. 

In Matterport Capture, switch to 360° Views on the left. If this is your first 360° View the preview pane will be empty.

Tap the Capture 360° View button. The camera will rotate just like a 3D Scan. Remember to step outside the camera's view or walk behind it as it scans.

When finished you'll see the OK TO MOVE CAMERA message.

  • If you're taking another 360° View, move the camera and capture again.
  • If you are taking a 3D Scan, make sure your next scan position is within a line-of-sight from a previous 3D Scan.
 360° Views are not aligned to or connected with the rest of the 3D Space.
Your model can have as many 360° Views as you like but it must have at least one 3D Scan in order to upload the Space.


Recovering from Alignment Errors

Another way to capture a 360º View is to recover from an alignment error in a 3D Scan.

For example, if you did a 3D scan while outdoors, in a bright area, or in a large space you might get this warning.

If you really like this part of the property, select Add to 360º Views to keep what you just scanned. The flat, 2D imagery will be kept as a 360º View but won't be added to the Dollhouse or Floorplan View.

If you actually wanted this scan to be part of your 3D Space (aligned to other scans and contribute to Dollhouse/Floorplan), then select Discard. Scan again closer to a previous scan. Learn more about alignment errors.

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